Indian Startups Used All Over the World

Description: While many people associate India with famous landmarks and beach holidays on a budget, it can boast of many startups that are actively used worldwide.


Even though many people are used to associating India with poverty and a rapidly growing population, this country has many things to offer. Today it attracts investors from various countries, enhancing its position on the world scene. Thus, they say that the Indian startup ecosystem takes third place globally and continues to build capacity. You may use services or products created by Indian specialists without knowing who is behind all this. Indeed, India can boast of many successful startup stories that have found their places under the sun. And if you want to achieve success in studying, you have a great chance to use a speedypaper discount to increase your results dramatically.


How many online retailers do you know? The chances are high that your sound knowledge ends with such famous corporations as Amazon or eBay. However, the world is a bit wider, and it has found a place for one more company. Thus, the Indian startup offers a huge variety of products, whether you need a chair or bedclothes, you can find everything there. It’s suitable for commercial and direct sales. And it’s convenient to use this service since their app works both on iOS and Android, so you can go shopping in a few taps. Tiger Global Management has become one of the main investors. And since its co-founders worked in Amazon’s head office, it seems this startup has all chances to broaden its influence and attract an even bigger number of customers.


Modern people can hardly imagine their lives without smartphones. According to statistics, it is one of the key things an average person takes with them, leaving the house. So, it’s not surprising that a platform for recharging mobile devices has got such strong support. It has taken a leadership position in the Indian web market, offering high quality and attracting new customers with cooperation with such famous brands as Lavazza. And the startup’s founder has bold and ambitious goals to improve the level of services provided and conquer the world in the chosen field.

This startup is the main rival of the first company mentioned on the list, within home borders, of course. Nowadays, the company can boast of cooperation with a huge number of domestic and international brands and about 27 million clients. The startup stands out with its Deal of the Day feature, providing their customers with a chance to purchase world-famous companies’ newly created products. So, it’s not surprising this startup has got unicorn status.


Even though this year leaves much to be desired in terms of traveling, people continue to hope that soon they will get back on track and start freely going everywhere. And it will be the very moment when this startup may come in handy. You can use its service to book a room in about 23,000 hotels in India and more than 502,000 hotels worldwide. It will also provide you with the required info about pricing, suitable air flights, holiday packages, and stuff. Even though the travel field is crowded, this company has managed to stand out from the rest with its app and attract more than 10 million users. It’s not for nothing they got investments from Bollywood stars and won three national tourist awards.


All the companies strive to understand their customers better to offer the most attractive services, and this startup contributes to it. Their location-data-driven approach has helped them stand out from the rest and attract big companies. Thus, their brand-new platform allows you to add GPS to your advertising messages, luring new clients. Nowadays, about 300 brands use their technology to get to know their customers better.


When it comes to Indian startups, most people will mention this service since it has managed to gain incredible popularity. It is a restaurant locator that you can use in about twenty countries, so if you live in Australia, for example, you can use it to find a suitable place for breakfast, scan a detailed menu, read trustworthy reviews or even find a place that matches your current mood. It’s one of the most successful startups that deserves the previously mentioned unicorn status and can be safely mentioned along with such companies as Yelp, for example.


If you are looking for a company that is fond of modern technologies, pay attention to this one since they offer high-quality customized merchandise and various distribution options like API, widgets, etc. You can use their online design tools to create your product for an affordable price. And another convenient thing is that you get constant updates about your status. They can cope with a load capacity of about 30,000 shirts, for example, and ship to more than 28 countries all over the world.


Initially, it was an ordinary local hotel startup that didn’t have anything extraordinary. However, its developers have managed to turn it into one of the most dynamically developing hotel chains in the whole world. You can run into their hotels in more than 900 cities in 80 countries.

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