India’s Coronavirus Pandemic Handling in a Nutshell. How did the exclusive Atma Nirbhar Bharat Notion deteriorate to becoming Parmatma Nirbhar?

The unveiling of the cataclysmic, dishearten past events amid the coronavirus outbreak has left us staggered in whereabouts. The misinterpretation of Covid’s turmoil has enervated the obligations of our society. India was favorable for disclosing its Atma Nirbhar Bharat vision. A year and a half down the line, the propaganda has resurged much worse case scenarios than the citizens expected.

Citizens are suffering from traumatic perpetuations of lack of oxygen supply, hospital beds, and ventilators. It is the outset of the predicament. The question that emerges in our fretful consensus- could the tormenting patch get any worse, or has it summoned its zeal?

Unreported deaths have aroused criticism from renowned politicians across the country as masses of crematoriums buries thousands of corpses on the given day. A few days back, visuals from a hospital in Madhya Pradesh mixing up the bodies sent shockwaves to the dear ones of the demised people as they plagued to plead the authorities.

The venerated Ganga river has seen overflowing dead bodies too more recently, and it is aching us in pain. But do the senior-most authoritative body in the nation-Government of India circumspect a bit of endearment towards our grappling from the coronavirus? No!

The aspiring catch-22 Atma Nirbhar has caveated into Parmatma Nirbhar. Why do we adhere to such a conflicting disregard of the government, and what has made citizens proclaim the nation’s torment as a political failure? Let’s pick out a virulent instance from last year following the coronavirus lockdown nationwide. The migrant labor crisis propagated in India as workers left stranded pillorying on roads, walking hundreds of miles back to their villages. While the government eminently announced the lockdown without even shelving a plan out for the migrant community, which holds the maximum accusation of the Indian workforce.

The turbulence depicted that the ailing individuals bled to their last pennies. The soliciting of the migrant laborers was unheard by the adroit politicians in line with the vigilance of the coronavirus lockdown. Despite the fact that the Railway Ministry of India back then claimed that specialized passenger coaches were getting inaugurated for sending the masses to the hometown. However, the signatory was a face-mockery show as no one bothered to comment on further developments, which made it mandate to buy the railway tickets at hefty costs.

The blame-game between the public sector undertakings and the government has been long-standing ever since the overhaul of the coronavirus pandemic. This time it was not contrasting to previous instances.

The burdensome aspect of the hefty railway fares was vigilant across many states as the migrants opted to strive for survival on their minimal savings. In the dire state, no one sympathized with their pain. And the migrants lost their battle of endurance. The government did not even heed condolences to the families, which showed that they have left the citizens hung out to dry.

We will never forget the bluntness of the government to inaugurate trains for the Kumbh Mela swiftly, describing the religious event to be the supremacy of Hindutva. On the other hand, the trains got belatedly introduced for the migrants, and all hope went in vain even before it could have got addressed; another conspicuous fallacy adopted by the government.


Coronavirus Tormenting Scenario in India Advent Due to Contradictory Perspectives 

The Kumbh Mela that got organized to culminate the conception of Hindutva was a collective wrong undertaken by the government following the coronavirus crisis. Last year, it was the Tablighi Jammat, who got scrutinized as super-spreaders. Both the situations are subject to be called the super-spreaders and amplifying the grimace, but why only one is getting pinned down as the prominent casters of coronavirus is beyond understandable.

The congregation asserted the same conviction to the fraction of people when we discuss Kumbh Mela’s scenario, which beheld the sight of crores in attendance. Is India privileged to be called a sovereign nation when such communalism and religious disparities hold the graveyard? In context with an identical state of affairs, the government’s Mission 200 was entitled to gaining votes in Bengal and defeating the TMC.

Parallelly, it neglected away its responsibility of controlling the surge of the coronavirus pandemic. The political stalwarts faced large-scale implications even in the election poll as people understood the morality of the sufferings of the citizens and how blatantly the coronavirus spread has got mishandled. Next year, more state elections would get instilled in the deluded framework, and the target will intensify to enhance political growth while masses struggle for beds and oxygen concentrators.

The collapsing incarnation is far from over, and there’s a significant aspect that needs assessment and validation; India’s coronavirus vaccine enigma. We were out of the race of the vaccination progress before earmarking it. Here’s why: The world culminated the idea of ramping up the vaccine production as they realized that coronavirus’s long-standing hindrance would get combated by a game-changer. India pondered the synopsis before giving the green light to vaccine manufacturers, while other countries kickstarted their administering process.

Our nation’s problems bungled up as the sizeable population heed more pressure to the fact that the government has to vaccinate more than a billion people. It seemed like the government didn’t want to integrate the responsibility of handling the coronavirus complication on its hands standalone, and that’s why it left all the cosh to the private companies.

When the government got notified about the enormous shortage of vaccines across several states in India, it postponed the second dose due to fears of wobble disparities getting figured out by the citizens. The universal vaccination program is, however, a collapse in the making. The Health Ministry of India has long way claimed that there is no shortage of vaccines as we progressed through the third phase of the vaccination drive.

It shrank the hard-bitten truth of no slots being available on the engrossed Cowin site. The frivolous approach of the selective parody has left people worshipping fervently for God’s grace. It will continue until they get vaccinated amid the deadly second wave of the coronavirus.

The Ayushman Bharat Scheme was inaugurated back in 2018 with the objective of establishing envisaged hospitals in different tiers. However, someone from the central government needs to speak out and address the repetitive inquires by the public that how many hospitals have been incepted under the current prototype.

At the time of a cosmic catastrophe, a National Medical Emergy should get declared across the nation amid the mounting concerns of a shortage of medical facilities across the national capital. Is even anyone willing to the disheartening grim situation? We certainly don’t believe the government’s opinion, and that’s why we couldn’t care less.

Even contemplating the reeling effect of the coronavirus pandemic, its repercussions in India have been monumental. Isn’t it the onus of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take ownership of the collateral damage and not stipulate the nation into blatant lies? The flip-flops must come to an end.


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