India’s first social media app launched by Vice President- Elyments!!!

Soon after the government banned all those 59 Chinese apps, India’s first social media app was launched by Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu,  on July 5 (Sunday)  known as “Elyments”. This ‘Super app’ combines multiple features in a single platform and offers tools such as video and voice calls, instant messaging as well as social networking. More than 1000 IT professionals are required to create this application in a shorter period to boost the confidence of Indian citizens regarding the banned Chinese apps and result as a major push to the “Make in India” initiative. 

This app is available in 8 languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. Also, they are working on the app so that it will be available in all the languages so that every country can make use of it. This app is now available on Google play store and apple store to download. This app is mainly created to maintain the privacy of the user’s data, therefore, the data will not be shared with any third party without the user’s explicit consent. 

With a growth of this application within such a short time 5 million downloads and 4.4 star rating, Sri tattva, Indian Health & Wellness, FMCG brand has tied up with Elyments to provide E-commerce on the social media platform. 

The credit for this application goes to the Youth. At the beginning when asked how much time it will take to create with the application. It was said to be almost two years, but with a lot of dedication, resources, and hard work, they manage to create it on Guru Purnima. This is called “The Power of Youth”. Here, lies the Future!

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Why is this app known as the “Super app”?

This app is a hub for social networking, commerce, gaming section, and news sections. It is a kind of One-in-All app. The availability of curated news content or theme-based content such as health and lifestyle, fashion, and sports. It also provides a section for small games. It has a ‘Discover’ section which is a field dedicated to the content shared by your friends just like a social media app. It contains a separate chat section along with the audio and video call features.

While Elyment is trying to gain public support and work as a Facebook-clone, not only it will stop there, but also have a benefit to provide additional features to it just like WeChat by integrating more elements. The team members claim that in the upcoming weeks, more features will be added to this app such as secured payment channels and advancement to commerce and social networking.

How sound is Elyment’s privacy policy?

The data in this app will only be accessible within the Indian shores with the hardware-based encryption technology. This app contains a bunch of privacy settings which can only be modified by the user and user can explicitly decide who can access their private data. Pressing the major concern on privacy, majorly Elyments avoids third party inclusion but if in any case the third party is required, there is a strict contract to prevent the third party by using the personal data outside the domain of two parties agreed upon.

Elyments has been cloud tested by more than 1000 participants who made sure that all the privacy features are fulfilling user’s needs. 

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Flagging off the app, Vice president Venkaiah Naidu said that this is a step towards “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” and encouraged the youth to come up with various Indian alternatives to overcome widely used foreign apps. This can also be seen as a massive boost in Indian startups. Given that India is handling this technology part with a great deal after the ban of 59 Chinese apps with innovative actions such as Elyments. This made us all believe that more could be coming!!

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