Indore became the 8th most infected city in the country within 5 days of receiving the first case, the total number of patients in 14 states is less than Indore

  • After getting the first infected in Indore, the number of patients has increased by 540% since Sunday.
  • Risk of corona stage 3 infection due to increase in number of patients despite not finding source of disease.

27 states in the country are affected by Coronavirus infection. Madhya Pradesh is at number ten in this. But, talking about cities, Being Corona free till March 24, Indore has come at number eight in the list of most infected cities in the country in the last five days. The country’s first patient appeared in Kerala on 30 January. Patients started arriving in Maharashtra and elsewhere in the first and second week of March. The rate of increase in patients in Indore which was 380% till Sunday has now increased to 540%.

The reason for this increasing number of infected in Indore is believed to be not following the lockdown. Hundreds of citizens of the city had gathered at the historic Rajbada in the evening on the day of public curfew. Patients from Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi to all other major infected places came to know that they were infected when they came from abroad or came in contact with a foreign person. The primary source of infection was found at these places. However, so far the history of any infected going abroad or coming in contact with them has not been identified in Indore. It shows community transmission of the disease i.e. stage-3 infection of corona.

Administration wakes up when conditions worsen
The Indore administration has been investigating all the people, their neighbors, who met positive patients since Monday. These people are being kept in the Quarantine House. People from Ranipura, Nayapura, Chandan Nagar, Khajrana areas are being kept here. At the same time, strictness is now being done in such a way that nothing other than milk will be available in the city. Only after marking all patients, the exit clearance will be given for the necessary items.

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Bhilwara controlled this situation

In Bhilwara, Rajasthan, after six patients identified in a day (so far 21 patients) work started rapidly. There, the administration started screening all 24 lakh people by creating six thousand medical teams for the entire district. 18 thousand patients were identified in nine days. The suspects were held at Quarantine House. An app was downloaded to their mobile. If someone exited the Quarantine House, the administration would have received an alert.

What other cities did to control the situation

Mumbai – Essential goods shops and petrol pumps open. There is more attention on home delivery. All the societies have closed their main gates and no one is being allowed inside. The administration is marking patients and getting treatment.

Pune – Necessary shops open. There was a slight relaxation till Sunday, but from Monday, the exit of anyone was banned. Where more patients are coming forward, there is a discussion of setting up an army. Quarantine houses are not built, people are being kept at homes.

Delhi- Necessary shops are also open here. The government is trying to get home delivery of essential goods and keep people at home. 25% of the buses are operational. Orders have been placed to keep the market closed till 31 March.

Bengaluru- The city was open till Sunday, but strictness started from Monday. Shops were closed. Police are on the streets and people are being marked and treated.

Kasargod – After more patients identified in one day, the entire lockdown was done. 64 thousand people were kept under investigation. 380 isolation houses were built. Public transport is closed, but private vehicles are operational.

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Hyderabad – A few days ago CM Chandrasekhar Rao made a statement that people are not accepting the lockdown. If this continues, then curfew will be imposed and orders can also be given for shoot at sight. The foreigners are most watched here and there are orders to cancel passports on exit.

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