More than 1500 people were rushed to the hospital, 441 found corona symptoms; Mosque administration said people were stranded due to lockdown

  • The Tablighi Jamaat had a gathering before the lockdown in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area; More than 5000 people came from abroad
  • Even after the lockdown from 24 March, more than 1700 people were staying here, they are being evacuated from Sunday.
  • 32-32 people were taken to different hospitals through DTC buses, this process continued till late night.

More than 1700 people stayed in the same place after the Islamic religious event (Markaz) in Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi. They are being removed from here for the last three days. So far, more than 1500 people have been taken to different hospitals through DTC buses. They are being investigated. Initial investigations have found corona symptoms in 441 people, although their final report is awaited. Of the 200 people who were taken to the hospital on Sunday, 24 were found to be Corona positive.

Still 100 to 200 people are present here, who are being taken to the hospital by buses in a number of 32-32. These people are being made to sit far away in buses. Officials of the administration, NDMC and health department present here say that people are being screened before being boarded in the bus. In such a situation, it is taking 40 to 45 minutes to board a bus.

After the declaration of lockdown in the country, gathering of people like this is a crime. But the mosque administration, which conducts Markaz, says that they have not violated any rules. They say, ‘This event is held once every year. Markaz was closed from the same day when Prime Minister Modi announced the Janata curfew, but people who came to Markaz remained stranded here due to non-running of trains. A day before the Janata curfew, the railways canceled several trains across the country. They Could not get out till 9 pm on 22nd. On the same day, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared a lockdown in the state from 6 am to 31 March on 23rd and then the entire country was locked down from 25th March. In such a situation, people in Markaz could not go anywhere.

There were 1746 people in Markaz on 21 March

The Home Ministry said that there were 1746 people on March 21 in Nizamuddin’s Markaz before the imposition of public curfew. Of these 216 were foreigners and 1530 were Indians. Those coming from abroad included those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan. At the same time 1530 people are from different states of India.

The gathering was disclosed when the elderly was taken to hospital after deteriorating health
A 64-year-old elderly man from Tamil Nadu had to be rushed to hospital where he died on Sunday. As soon as the death was reported, the police and administration showed proactively and investigated in Markaz. There were 8-10 people in each room. Many of them also complained of mild cough and cold. On receiving such a large number of suspects, the administration started taking DTC buses and sending people to hospitals.

6 people died in Telangana after returning from Markaz
Late Monday evening, the Telangana Chief Minister’s Office said that 6 people from his state who had gone to Markaz in Delhi have died. Another 65-year-old elderly man, who arrived here from Sopore in Kashmir, succumbed to cardiac arrest in Srinagar last week. Different states of the country have started marking people who have gone to Tablighi Jamaat. Recently about 800 people have left from here. Police of every state is looking for them. 157 such people have been identified in Uttar Pradesh, 26 in Uttarakhand, 15 in Andhra Pradesh, 299 in Assam, 6 in Puducherry, 100 in Jammu and Kashmir. In other states also, the police is tracing the people involved in this event.

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