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Innovation and Modernisation keeps me on toes- shares upcoming Indian Entrepreneur ‘Nipun Anand’

Entrepreneurship is not about establishing a business and running, it is about how you run it? How you create demand for your business? Or how do you lead an impact on the society? What all sacrifices you make to finally make it a successful venture? There are ‘n’ number of people who start with enthusiasm and dream, but we remember those who are successful to create a mark with their hard work and progressive thinking. The path may not be easy, but still they find a way to reach and fulfil their dreams. Such people believe in constant innovation, they do not settle with ‘good’ they urge to look out for the best.

Yes! Here we are talking about a young, dynamic and Indian’s upcoming Entrepreneur Nipun Anand. He is a man of high dreams but filled with humbleness and gratitude. Even being son of a business man, he is polite and understands his responsibilities towards humanity. He is not like other youngsters or rich brats who just enjoy their lives. He believes in hard work and constantly innovating. ‘Innovation and constantly working on revolutionary ideas’ is the basic principle that worked well for Nipun Anand, co-founders GSSA Company called Zeal Global Services.

As we flip through his achievements, he is too young for it. He is only 28, but achieved great heights in his career. He never took a break after studies. He was quiet focused and goal oriented. After completing his graduation from University of Bradford, in 2014 he chose to come back to India. Here his father was already running a Logistics, Construction and Hospitality Company, ‘Airline GSSA Company Zeal Global Services’ a leading International cargo company in India. Nipun without wasting any time offered to join and learned the basics of the similar business. Since then he never looked back. He started with the strategic development, direction and the business development. With his hard work and progressive thought process he later became the director of Zeal Global. He constantly came up with revolutionary changes in the cargo industry by developing novel logistics solutions by clubbing the market insights, talent and the skillset in the most opportune manner.

His contributions are well recognised by the society. In April 2018, Nipun was conferred with the prestigious award ‘Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Awards 2018’, by Global Convention of NRIs hosted in House of Lords, London, UK.

He has also been covered in Forbes India for his accomplishments as a proud Young Entrepreneur. In the 2019, Russia’s Rossiya Airlines picked up Zeal Global as its cargo GSA in Goa. Moving further, Zeal Global partnered with Teleport, the digital cargo and logistics platform of AirAsia to forge an association to establish a local subsidiary in India. Recently, Zeal Global joined Air Cargo India as a platinum partner for its 8th edition. Under his leadership, Zeal Global Group was honoured by ‘The Air Cargo Agents Association of India Eastern Region’ as the most emerging GSA ex Kolkata for FY 2019-2020. At Air Cargo India 2020, he has also won ‘The Emerging Cargo General Sales Agent of the Year’ for Zeal Global Group.

This is not all; the visionary is also a director of TELEPORT India, a digital cargo and logistics platform of AirAsia. He has also diversified businesses to help his clients and create new opportunities.

Even being business tycoon, Nipun is very sensitive and humble. He holds a soft corner. He believes in social responsibility and practice charity in a big way. He actively works for the needy and try to create a better society for all. As an active trustee from Zeal Foundation which works as a non-profit social organization, he works to solve hunger, food wastage, and malnutrition in the country. The members of the organization collect all the extra food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, corporate offices, etc and distribute to the people who have no means or access to food. The foundation is quiet active about the current problems too. Zeal Foundation has helped the poor to fight against the novel Coronavirus. They have tried to the needy for providing food and other help.

Nipun Anand is a perfect example of modern Indian Entrepreneur. We need more of such kind who believe in innovation and at the same time understanding their role in the society.


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