Chief Minister Nitish Kumar angry over UP government’s decision to send laborers to Bihar by bus, says- this will spread disease

  • The Chief Minister suggested that instead of sending buses, better arrangements should be made for people to live and eat by setting up camps at local level.
  • Food was arranged for workers arriving on foot from other districts or regions in Patna, their health checkup is also being done.

Saturday was the fourth day of a nationwide lockdown for the prevention of coronavirus infection. It is also being strictly followed in Bihar. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has objected to the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to send laborers to Bihar by special bus. He said that sending people by buses to Bihar is a wrong decision. This will make the disease worse, it will be difficult for everyone to deal with it. This decision will completely fail the lockdown. Nitish has suggested that camps should be organized at the local level to make arrangements for people to live and eat.

In, Patna, food has been arranged for the laborers traveling by foot from other districts or regions. Their health checkup is also being done. Food packets are being given to people living on footpaths or night shelters. On March 21 in Bihar, an infected died. 8 are undergoing treatment.

The procession will not be held
The procession will not go out on Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti due to the lockdown. Chaiti Chhath, the mahaparva of folk faith, started today with Nahai-Khay. However, due to the lockdown people will not be able to do Chhath on the Ganges or another river. All the ghats have been closed.

Cleaning staff outraged by police beating
During the lockdown, the police patrolling continues to tighten. There were reports of police misconduct from cleaning staff of municipality. In Samastipur, cleaners have stopped work. Now passes are being given to them.

Siwan: On Friday, a youth from Angauta village was found positive. A three-kilometer area around the village has been sealed. The people of the village are being investigated.

Nalanda: The crowd gathered at the vegetable market here on Saturday also. No police was found during the gathering.

Ara: The effect of lockdown could be seen in urban areas. People are leaving their homes in rural areas. The market in Jagdishpur Nagar Panchayat was very crowded on Saturday.

Buxar: The effect of lockdown is visible in the market. People are being made aware in the villages. The help of social organizations is also taken.

Vaishali: The police is treating strictly those, who do not follow the lockdown. Many people wandering around needlessly were punished by the police.

Gaya: 105 Pinddani of Madhya Pradesh were trapped in Gaya. The administration brought them food. They will be sent by bus to Madhya Pradesh.

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