Emily Regina Spills the Beans on Her First Love, Which Is, Fitness!

Many people have pre-convinced notions about the world of social media and think that it is quite easy to be a social media star. However, the truth is far from it as most of social media stars have to work hard to maintain their following and also delight their followers. For Emily Regina, things are not different.


She has acquired a massive fanbase with her stunning good looks and curves to die for. With a cinched waist and plump lips, everyone assumes that she must be living a posh life. 


The truth of the matter is, Emily’s life is all about her hobbies and the list includes, Fitness, eating out, drinking cocktails, taking pictures and travel. She works hard to maintain her body and fitness is her first love. 


While she loves to treat herself to delicacies around the world, Emily also believes in burning calories.


She shares, “I really think staying fit and eating right is important. It doesn’t matter what size you are but you should take care of the body you have been blessed with. Even with my hectic schedule, I try to find time for workout and even shared photos and videos on my Instagram to motivate others. You feel so good after a good hour of working out, nothing can beat that feeling.”


Emily loves to share her fitness videos on Instagram and treats her fans with her fitness tricks. She has motivated many people to take up exercising daily.


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