Gaurav Gurbaxani launches DigitalMarket.com, an equal opportunity marketplace for Digital Marketing Services and Products

Monday, March 15, 2020: Leading Digital Marketer, Gaurav Gurbaxani announced the launch of Digitalmarket.com, an equal opportunity marketplace, built to provide fast turnarounds to businesses with specialised and standardised digital marketing executions tasks. 

Digitalmarket.com connects buyers with certified sellers and enables them to get the job done in a standardized, timely transparent and cost effective manner. Buyers, often bootstrapped entrepreneurs get access to high quality digital marketing execution tasks that they desperately need for their business. Sellers who are passionate and certified have the freedom to work and earn recognition as an expert in their field.

Digital Market celebrates the power of the Internet and sharing economy, that gives everyone the opportunity to fulfill their business growth plans. Whether you’re a business owner or a freelancer, Digital Market helps you organize your life which then allows you to pursue your true passion.

On the occasion of the launch, Gaurav Gurbaxani, founder of DigitalMarket.com said, “Having been a Digital Marketer for over 15 years, I understand the roadblocks that entrepreneurs face when it comes to actually implementing their digital strategy. We wanted to simplify this by offering a safe, helpful and trustworthy network for entrepreneurs and provide equal opportunity to all regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, ethnicity, age, religion, or nationality. If you have an idea and need speedy and timely execution by an expert, DigitalMarket.com is the place for you.”

All sellers on Digitalmarket.com are certified by OnlineBusiness.org and DigitalMarketer, one of the world’s leading Digital Marketing Training programmes to maintain international standards and quality. 

Website: www.digitalmarket.com

About Gaurav Gurbaxani

Gaurav Gurbaxani is an Internationally recognized Digital Marketer. He earned his first paycheck online when he was just 14 years old. Since then, he has managed his own agency that he started at the age of 21,  trained over 3000 entrepreneurs across the globe, consulted with several corporates and spoken at some of the most significant digital marketing conferences in India and abroad. He is amongst the 9 Masters that conducts the Digital Masters Alliance Conference, organized by SuccessGyan in India. 

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