Maityo – Redefining the Online Marketing Paradigm

Maityo (Make-it-yours), a flagship MarTech platform launched by Bangalore based start-up Winnopro Technologies, promises unlimited winning possibilities for every stakeholders including the Marketers and Consumers. If you’re a consumer, you can just register on Maityo, participate in any promotional campaigns and start winning unlimited. Whereas, if you’re a Marketer, then quick launch your online marketing on Maityo and see the magic. Maityo is committed to provide a better and improved customer engagement and connectivity.
Potentially, Maityo is leading towards an online marketplace for any kind of Marketing, Promotion, Advertisements, New Launch, Contests, etc. that creates an atmosphere of winning for the consumers. In addition, Maityo is successfully moving towards becoming a new-gen integrated Digital Marketing platform for brands & companies to help them improve their marketing ROI by leveraging its innovative features and functionalities and extensive network.
In its initial launch, Maityo was introduced only to the consumers to participate in various contests to win prizes. While, it claims that soon it will introduce many exclusive deals and offers for its registered users whenever they engage & participate in any Brands specific contests or campaigns. As a consumer, you can now participate in one or more contests of your choice every day to earn Maityo points as well as to become eligible for exclusive offers and deals. Join Maityo today and start winning unlimited.
Though it started with managing some Contests, however it’s not like any other contest management platform. It is a conceptualized and creatively born product that actually can help Marketers to achieve their goals. Maityo caters to the area of Integrated Marketing through its integration with other media like Email, SMS and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
In the age automation, Maityo also makes its presence to help Marketers to automate some of their online and digital marketing activities. Maityo is simple, quick and easy to launch. The company is also launching DIY platform for potential Marketers to run their marketing campaigns. Maityo also claims that it can be used by the Marketers to optimize any marketing initiative and spend. Basically, it says to start with any standard campaign for free!
It cleverly uses the principle of driving user engagement through Gamification and Gratification techniques. So, for the Marketers it is potentially becoming a powerful tool for Online Marketing and to drive higher user engagement while creating significant buzz. At the same time, for end users, Maityo is bringing the Brands closer to them and doing so, they are being rewarded. So either ways, Maityo is creating a win-win situation for everyone.
Being a newbie in the industry, Winnopro seems to be on the right track with its innovative marketing platform “Maityo” and is getting ready to target the potential Marketers starting September’18. Only the time will tell us how far they can make an impact in the industry.

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