The British are not staying at home; Lockdown can increase for up to 12 weeks, Rs 93000 Penalty if seen roaming outside without purpose

  • 90% of UK-bound flights are canceled due to coronavirus infection
  • All UK schools closed from 20 March, 3 week lockdown from 23 March

covid-19 has brought the world to its knees. Britain is also among them. As of 28 March, there were a total of 759 deaths in the UK, compared to 578 the day before. That is, 181 deaths in one day. The country has a three-week lockdown since March 23. It is being said that this will be extended to 12 weeks, because people are going out and not following social distancing properly.

Apart from Prince Charles, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both been found to be coronavirus positive. Apart from health care, social care, pharmacy, police and fire brigade, all public and private buildings and offices have been closed. Restrictions related to social distancing can last up to 12 weeks.

OPD of all hospitals almost closed

All non-urgent trips have been halted. 90% of flights to and from the UK are canceled. All UK schools have been closed since 20 March. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is under severe stress for conducting tests, preparing hospitals and preventing the spread of the virus to the community. OPDs of all hospitals are almost closed. Patients have been asked to consult telephone or video conferencing. All less urgent operations have also been canceled.

Urging people to ‘shop smart’

Beds have been provided in every hospital with a covid-area and isolation action plan. All necessary equipment is being used to convert ICU into Intensive Trauma Unit. However, many hospitals are still unable to provide adequate personal safety equipment to health workers. Due to this, there is an increasing concern. Police are on the streets to handle law and order. A penalty of up to 1000 pounds (93 thousand) is being imposed on needless exit. Supermarkets have seen early panic shopping. However, farmers and suppliers have promised not to allow food and groceries. People are being urged for ‘sensible shopping’.

The government will also give 80% salary to private employees

Millions of people have given their approval within 24 hours of the government’s appeal to deliver services to the UK’s National Health Service. Finance Minister (Chancellor) Rishi Sunak has offered huge financial help by requesting people to offer up to 80% of their salary working in both private and self-employment sectors during this crisis. Meanwhile, concern remains as to how the epidemic will unfold in the coming months. Experts say that unless the virus is eradicated from all over the world, there will be a danger.

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