W. Bengal To Launch Series of Voice-Activated Apps for Unorganized Sector like Rickshaw, Toto and Phuchka Sellers

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In a recently held Digital Success Summit 2018 in Kolkata, West Bengal, the state IT secretary Debasish Sen disclosed that the state government is working on an app-based technology, which will have voice-activated and artificial intelligence (AI) related commands, for unorganised sectors including rickshaw pullers, Puchka sellers, or Toto (a new concept of e-rickshaw in the state).

Debasish Sen however also said that these app-based services can be availed only in case a person has a smartphone. “if you need the service of a toto, a rickshaw or a phuchka seller at your doorstep, you cannot contact them like in case of the app cabs or the food delivery apps,” he said.

“We are trying to find out means by which voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI)-related commands and devices will enable the rickshaw puller, a toto driver or the phuchka seller understand your command language,” said Sen in the event touted as eastern India’s first & foremost holistic Digital Summit.


Late last month, the state IT & Electronics department minister Bratya Basu had too announced that West Bengal will get a series of apps for a range of utility services like hiring a toto, linking Aadhaar with bank account and paying property tax.

Notably, the state’s capital Kolkata is one of the fastest growing markets for delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats, who are betting big on the city’s robust appetite for ordering in. According to a survey conducted by Zomato in 2016, with an average order size of Rs 690, Kolkata topped the list for biggest online food orders. New Delhi came second with Rs 640.

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Moreover, a large portion of startups in Kolkata raising funds are too from food sector.

Source: IndianWeb2


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