Lock down will break down backbone of small businesses, everything from transport to market traders affected

In Maharashtra, due to the coronavirus, there are increasing difficulties due to undeclared lock-downs. If this lock down drags on for a long time, then it will have the biggest impact on small businesses, due to which millions of people may face problems for livelihood. However, its effect is already visible.

Due to the closure of the local train, many lives are already at halt
Sunil Sawant, who is known for doing metro work daily in Marol, Andheri, travel by local train, says that he goes daily from Nalasopara to Marol and works in the underground metro in Mumbai. But now that this ban has been imposed on the locals, they have no way out. However, he is not going to work for the last two days, because there is no speed in work.

Taxi driver also in trouble
Sadhu Yadav, who runs Ola, says that since the movement of aircraft on the international airport T-2 has stopped, it is affecting their business. Sadhu Yadav, who earned Rs 1500-2000 a day earlier, says that for the last four days only a few passengers have been found and when the road itself is deserted, where will one get it from? Their biggest problem is the closure of the T-2 airport from where Ola used to get passengers.

Rotting vegetables
Vegetable Market in Meera Road area has a turnover of around Rs 10-12 lakh daily. There are many vegetable mandis here. In this, a vegetable seller Banshraj Chauhan says that the vegetable market is closed for the last three days and because of this, the vegetables that were brought will have rot in the shop itself. Their goods worth about 15,000 rupees have been wasted due to not opening shop for three days. Banshraj is not alone. Like him, many vegetable vendors have been wasting their goods in the same way for the last three days and they say that the money that was spent now is lost. To bring new goods again, we have to raise Rs 20,000, which is very difficult.

People are having trouble reaching home due to train closure
Vegetables, daily laborers or those doing small business are now preparing to migrate from Mumbai. But the problem is that due to the cancellation of trains, they are not even able to go to the village. Let us inform that more than 50 lakh people live in Mumbai, Rajasthan, Gujarat and North India. But the way Mumbai is coming to a standstill due to Corona, they are all migrating to the village. For the last two days, there has been a rush of North Indians at the LTT terminus here, but they are not able to go.

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Those running the transport business are also in trouble
Anoop Singh, who runs a transport called RD & Sons and operates about 40 dumpers, says his main business is to supply raw materials, but the work has come to a standstill in the last few days. The coastal road is closed on Sunday due to Janata curfew and because of this all their vehicles are parked. The problem is that even during this time, they have to pay allowance to drivers and cleaners daily. So they have now asked drivers and cleaners to leave. This has led to the problem of livelihood in front of such laborers and businessmen on a large scale.

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