Isolation dominated petrol pump, panic buying seen in milk; Many people could not get milk

  • Sales of petrol and diesel at petrol pumps reduced to almost zero level
  • A stampede to buy milk at 6 o’clock in the morning, all the milk was over by 7 o’clock

The Janata curfew called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday got all the support of the public. Isolation on empty roads and petrol pumps is witness to this. There was almost zero turnover at petrol pumps during this period. Petrol and diesel vendors were found sitting on the sidelines talking. Yes, during this time hand sanitizers were found at many places at the petrol pump. An ambulance was also found standing at the pump, which did not come to collect diesel or petrol. Milk shopping, however, showed disrepair and people could not get milk after 7 am due to panic buying. Whereas the Prime Minister had urged that people do not buy goods and deposit in bad faith. He assured that the shops would remain open and all things would continue to be available.

By the afternoon, only 4-5 customers arrived at the petrol pump against 10,000
A vendor at a petrol pump located in Mayur Vihar Phase-3 area of ​​Delhi said that only 4-5 customers arrived from Sunday morning to noon. He said that while offering handsetiser, up to 10 thousand customers arrive by noon on other days.

Sales of 7-8 liter petrol and 10 liter diesel only
Due to the curfew, people did not leave the house, so petrol and diesel were also not sold. A vendor present on the petrol pump said that till 12 noon only 7-8 liters of petrol was sold. On other days, 60 thousand liters of petrol is sold till this time. Diesel sales also remained the same at low level. About 10 liters of diesel was sold till noon on Sunday. On other days up to 10 thousand liters of diesel is sold till noon.

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Hand sanitizer available at petrol pump
Hand sanitizer was seen at several places on Petrop pump. Despite the report writer not going to buy petrol at the pump, the petrol vendor offered a hand sanitizer to hand it over. Earlier, the vendor also offered a hand sanitizer to another bike rider who came there, while that rider also did not buy petrol. During this time no customer was seen at the pump.

Public curfew with shopkeepers

The Janata curfew got the full support of the shopkeepers. Almost all the grocery shops in the area remained closed on Sunday. The shopkeepers had already informed customers about closing their shop. In some shops, the message written in the plate was found, on which it was written that the shop will be closed on Sunday in support of the public curfew.

Many people could not get milk due to panic buying
Due to the curfew, there was indiscriminate purchase of milk between 5 and 6 in the morning and the milk ran out at the shops by 7 pm. On regular days, it is available in shops throughout the day. Nearly all shops in New Kondli area of ​​Mayur Vihar Phase-3 remained closed. Many people were seen wandering around for milk at seven in the morning. Whereas in normal days milk is available in about 50 grocery shops located around the houses here. Some people were seen fetching milk from Mother Dairy Shop, about two kilometers away. At the same time, the successful store of Mother Dairy was also opened, on which vegetables are available. But by seven o’clock in the morning the packet milk at Mother Dairy Shop was also over. By that time, only token open milk was available. Some people were heard saying that in some places a packet of half a kilo of milk has been sold for up to 50 rupees. At the same time, the availability of vegetables at the successful shop of Mother Dairy located nearby also showed very less at 7 am. Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited is a major company supplying milk and vegetables in Delhi.

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A private wholesaler sold 2,000 kg of milk in an hour
Gagan dairy, the only wholesaler of milk in the DDA Mix Housing Society, spread over a vast area in New Kondli, also sold all the milk till 7 am. He had unloaded 2,000 liters of milk at around 5 am, which ended in an hour. Many were seen pleading for milk.

Panic buying in milk had started since the Prime Minister’s appeal.
In this area, panic buying was seen in milk two days ago i.e. from 20th date. People began to store milk at home, anticipating a decrease in milk availability. Milk is available in almost all the shops present in New Kondli area from morning till 11 o’clock in the night. But after the appeal of the Janata curfew by the Prime Minister, milk was not found in many shops at around 10 pm the same night. The shopkeeper said that many people bought a lot of milk. Even on Saturday, milk could not be found in shops in the evening. On Sunday it was over in the morning itself.

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