Lockdown 4.0: Modi’s Address To The Nation, Unravelling the Dark truth behind Modi’s Speech

Lockdown 4.0: Modi’s Address To The Nation, Unravelling the truth behind Modi’s Speech

The time has come, the nation has been addressed by the highest authority, PM Modi. We hope that all of you understood what he was trying to say. The only one thing which Left us all puzzled was the weird mythological sense in the whole speech. There were bits and parts about our shastras and what all we are taught by them. If we are really going that way, then what does our constitution say?

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Does it treat everyone equally? Does it ensure that everyone has food in their stomachs? Is it really happening in India? The real time issues need to be addressed and solutions need to be found for them. This is the quality of a great leader. We are sorry but we couldn’t find it anywhere in the speech. A powerful leader is one who discloses his shortcomings and the shortcomings faced by the people in public and apologizes for them. Nowhere in the speech we could find that. You can talk about and number of shastras, but the real essence lies in your heart.

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If your heart is big and ready to feed the poor, you will be unchallenged. But it has been shown in the last 50 days of the lockdown, the Indian government lacks compassion and not the resources. Donations have been made to the PM Cares fund for crores of rupees, no help has been provided to the lowest section of the society.

Was he addressing the nomads of the 18th century? We are no pundits, we are no gurus, we are the public. We want to see our Prime Minister talk about the economy, the finances and the growth of the country and not about all the mythological things which was said today.

There was also a point on “aapda se avsar”. The basic meaning which a common man can infer from this statement is that the nation is coming out stronger than ever from all these difficulties. If the PM was hinting about making the best out of the worst, that is surely being done. The nation has seen lathicharge been done on the doctors, police personnel distributing alcohol illegally, migrant labourers moving 1200 kms, people dying of hunger and starvation, and much more.

आपदा में अवसर का उदाहरण

This is how the nation is coming out stronger with a very heavy heart ready to see more bad days if this continues. Is this what a democracy is? Is this what the above statement meant? We might be coming out stronger, but coming out stronger as one section of the society does not solve the purpose of India being a democracy.

There was a lot of emphasis on the fact of being self-reliant. India is manufacturing two lakh PPE kits and masks everyday. That is what one domain in the in the entire economy of 1.3 billion people doing. It actually accounts for a very very less share in the GDP right now. Can we actually be self-reliant? We have covered in a previous articles about how India is dependent upon China and the United States of America, that is not what is the definition of self-reliance and self-sufficiency means.

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The GDP of the country is highly dependent upon the MNCs which are prevalent in the country. MNCs are the companies of abroad. How is India self-reliant if it is dependent upon the multinational corporations? Every festival in India from Diwali to Holi to Independence Day is depending upon the outside goods produced. The lights we use in Diwali, diyas we light in our homes, the colour we use on Holi, the kite we fly on Independence Day, everything comes from abroad.

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Slowdown: Does the Narendra Modi govt even understand what is going on with the Indian Economy?

Make in India is the huge scam in reality. Practical implications of these rules are never made and publicity is done on a very large scale.The amount of money in the promotional aspects of the make in India campaign is probably more then the entire front of the campaign in itself.The FOREX of our country is wholly dependent on America, the petrol we use in our car is solely dependent on the UAE and other regions. The whole economy of the country is dependent on alcohol right now.

Petrol prices are going up when the demand for the same is very low. The basic rule of economics is not being applied in our economy right now. The demand and supply relationship hasn’t been analysed properly just like today’s address to the nation.

This is basically shows that somewhere down the line we are not self-reliant and we cannot be independent for a while. Rather than portraying a false image of the nation and giving false hopes and making false promises, proper rules need to be passed and proper practical implementation for the same needs to be done so that about 10 years down the line we can be self sufficient.


The highest ever relief package has been announced which constitutes of about 10% of our GDP. What about the packages which were announced earlier? Packages were announced to feed the poor, packages were announced for education and some even for women upliftment. Where has all that money been used? Digital India, clean India, Swachh Bharat are some of these missions that came into practice and funds were allocated for the same. But nothing happened in five years for them. One pandemic has cleaned the entire country in ways the PM couldn’t do.

Crores of money was allocated as relief packages for these factors, but maybe it was all channelled to the MPs and the MLAs for buying their support. Rules about the practical implementation of these packages were to be announced rather than another package which would lead to disappointment in the future.

From the speech today we got to know that India is the hub of yoga. We are glad to know the same. But one question is in everyone’s mind, how is your college related to the coronavirus? Wasn’t this page meant to be in respect of the ongoing pandemic and not for the publicity?

There have been no scientific claims about Yoga being related to the coronavirus. Why was the whole speech based on false assumption and not on scientific and practical knowledge? Just like the yoga point, there is one more very popular thing in India. Those are the temples, the places of worship.

Now just because India has the highest number of temples, coronavirus is not going away. These conditions do not match with the practical applicability, just like the government’s approach towards things doesn’t. There was zero need of shoving a fact like this in our faces. Will Baba Ramdev solve coronavirus just like he solves every question about yoga?

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The next point which was covered was the point about Vikas. Vikas basically means the country is in motion, the country is progressing. The country is not moving if a portion of its population is left to fend for themselves on their own. People are left helpless on the streets during the times of distress, they are moving without food, they are not out of their minds, and it’s the circumstances which are making them do this. After multiple appeals made by them to the government, no assistance is being provided to them.

Is this what Vikas looks like? We are sorry but we don’t need this Vikas in our lives.

Further he compared the Y2k bug crisis with the coronavirus crisis, for those who are new with the word, Y2k bug problem also known as the year 2000 problem is related to the formatting of the calendar data for dates beginning in the year 2000 which caused various errors, such as the incorrect display of dates and the inaccurate ordering of automated dated records or real-time events.

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And here comes another hallucination of our prime minister, he need to think relevant that in y2k bug crisis no one lost their lives, the whole world was not lock downed, yes it’s true that technology experts from India pulled the world out of that crisis but this is not a technological problem, it’s a life threatening crisis that has completely torn down the economy and the health infrastructure of the country and we don’t need any sort of technological expertise to resolve this, we need compassion, resources  and relief from the government.

PM Modi announces Rs 20 lakh crore relief, lockdown 4.0 as India's coronavirus tally crosses 70,000 - India News

The next thing Mr Modi mentioned was the Kutch earthquake, he said that he had witnessed that time, the situation at that time became worse, no one thought that Kutch would ever be able to get recover from that calamity because the tragedy was massive and it destroyed everything, and he compared that situation with coronavirus pandemic, but please someone tell our prime minister that there is a huge difference in between an earthquake that has occurred in a state and a pandemic or a crisis that is happening at a global level.

Each and every country who has good diplomatic relations with each other is thinking 100 times before helping the other country.

Because this is not a single country’s problem like an earthquake or tsunami for which one country would send help to the other. As usual our minister expects and thinks a lot about irrelevant things he has forgot that everyone is not like him that they will help us in this pandemic compromising their own resources just like he did when he exported the hydroxychloroquine medicine to America.

Next he said that the building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars:

First pillar is the economy, an economy that brings Quantum Jump rather than Incremental change. I guess being the prime minister of the country he knows that how the economy of the country is going through a distress times and the lockdown has left no part of the economy untouched that the government had to open the liquor shops to improve the economic condition of the country, people are losing their jobs every day the unemployment level in our county have increased more than 27%. Up to 53% of the businesses have been shut down.

The supply chain has been affected badly, and the whole occupational structure has been affected badly the big multinational companies are also cutting salaries of their employees.

The situation of our economy is becoming worse day by day, people are becoming homeless. And clearly we cannot trust a person like PM Modi on handling the situation of the economy which has gone back for decades during this crisis, as a person who didn’t even had this much resources and money from which he could feed its people for a month or two, and asked for donations from the public to help the government in arranging resources is useless in resolving economic problems of the country.

Second pillar is infrastructure: An infrastructure that defines modern India, yes why not, the infrastructure defining the modern India will definitely include more statues and temples, we don’t even need to tell that how bad India’s infrastructure is, entire infrastructural development have been done on temples and statues, that is why the hospitals don’t even have a proper equipments and medical facilities, that is why the roads and pulls in our country lose their strength after on rain because all the money has been spent on fulfilling personal luxuries, building statues, and buying MLAs.

Third pillar that narendra modi mentioned is our system. A system that is driven by technology, talking vague is so easy, but this will make sense when you will implement this in reality. Today our government talks about technology and system, in this entire series of lockdown we have recognized that how well our country’s system works that is with zero transparency, where all the PM cares fund money has been kept as a mystery and the system that don’t even care about migrant workers who are dying out of hunger and poverty, where the police in the name of the lockdown have become an opportunist- doing lathicharge on innocents, helping bootleggers, taking bribes etc.

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G. Sundarrajan on Twitter: "Fourth Pillar of democracy is under threat. Pic:- @jawahirullah_MH #StandWithJournalistHaseef" / Twitter

Fourth pillar is our democracy. Our Vibrant democracy is our strength in the world’s largest democracy, our source of energy for self-reliant India. Another irreverent thought given by our prime minister, as the demography will not help us to recover from the crisis. The current situation demands more support and relief from the government and demography has nothing to do with this. Demography will not put the food in the stomach of the people, it will not help the country to fight the coronavirus.

The fifth pillar that was mentioned in the speech is the demand and supply chain. The cycle of demand and supply chain in our economy, is the strength that needs to be harnessed to its full potential. He says that we will strengthen our supply chain which will be building up with the smell of the soil and with the sweat of our labourers, how strong our county’s supply chain is, we can assume that by seeing the situation today that the government don’t even have proper supplies to feed our labourers and migrant workers, that they have to leave the city and go back to their hometowns that too barefoot without any money or basic facility.

The government is talking about strengthening the supply chain by sweat of the labourers and don’t have resources to feed them only. Further, talking about demand then more than half of our demands are being fulfilled by the Chinese products and everything in our country have become made in china. If this is what the government calls a demand and supply chain then sorry! We don’t need such kind of demand and supply in our country.

Prime minister narendra modi is talking about future by strengthening the five pillars of the self -reliant India, forget about future because predicting and assuming things is much easier than living and facing the reality, talk about present, government is talking about becoming self-reliant but couldn’t even resist itself from buying PPE kits from China, knowing that it is the birthplace of the coronavirus epidemic, have to beg the citizens for donations to fight the pandemic, couldn’t able to handle the situation of the economy. Even after collecting a hefty amount in the name of donations, the government is unable to provide food and facilities to the poor and the migrant workers.

“Local to global through vocal” a new slogan for motivating the local brands to become a global brand

Next he said that the coronavirus crisis has taught us the importance of local manufacturing and local market, and in times of the crisis the local products has fulfilled our need and this local has saved us, so by branding and vocal approach we have to transform these local brands into a global brand.

The another new slogan that has been created by our prime minister now is “20 lakhs in 2020”  after he announced a relief package of 20 lakh crores,for empowering the nation, bringing economic stability, strengthen the MSMEs and local business.

All these slogans, relief packages, 5 pillars for becoming self-reliant etc, on one side these things seems to sound very pleasant and on the other hand it looks really vague and unrealistic, because in the series of these lockdowns the people have only faced suppression and depression, and have received only speeches and slogans. Now, how these things will be implemented and when- nation wants to know!

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