From Local To Global Through Vocal: What Modi Actually Mean

From Local To Global Through Vocal: What Modi Actually Mean

Local to Global: Local means Gujrat and Global means Reliance backing all the deals!

Local To Global
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the head of India, was previously known as the head of the state of Gujarat. He was the leader of Gujarat for quite a while. There have been quite some rumors that the country promotes one state instead of all the other states together. Is it really true? Is Gujarat the only state moving forward?

Is Gujarat the only state getting the best out of the prime minister? Various IAS officers also said that Modi only promotes Gujarati culture and Gujarat as a state. PM Modi has been accused of taking unilateral decisions based upon culture and taking decisions without consulting others. It is also said that only Gujarati speaking officers are handling the Prime Minister‘s office.

VOCAL FOR LOCAL: Global marketing strategies can build strong brands - Sentinelassam
The ACC no longer appoints the officers based on their merit. A few people have been chosen to move forward with all the instructions. It seems like a strategic plan now. These actions are a threat to the integrity of the nation.

It is also said that Modi is transferring Mumbai’s financial importance to Ahmedabad by moving a few projects there. The state can move forward only when it takes up industrial projects, here the cases are clearly being transferred to Ahmedabad for its overall development and well-being. There have been various cases when the NDA government is taking credit for all the programs which were launched by the UPA Regime. Names of the programs have been changed but they are functioning remains the same.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was earlier launched by the UPA and BJP merely changed the name and is seeking credit for it. The government has chosen a Gujarat firm as the partner for developing the COVID-19 antibody kits. Other traders are saying that the government did not really invite any bids for the same. If this is not discrimination what is?

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Narendra Modi kick starts drive; challenges celebrities to participate in the program - The Economic Times

Exports are saying that the government should have at least called various companies for speedy development of the kits. This happened a day after the union health ministry had announced that the Ahmedabad-based pharmaceutical company called Zydus Cadila would produce the kits for ICMR. The reason behind choosing this firm is very bleak. It is majorly for commercial profit and promotion of one specific area.

A few scientists from the National Institute of Virology said that they had developed a ‘COVID-19 kavach’ which detects the presence of the virus antibodies in blood samples. This happened the same day Zydus Cadila had announced their technology. But of course the home state would be preferred over any other state right?

This is about one state, Gujarat. What about the family he has created over time?

Mukesh Ambani Congratulates PM Modi For Demonetisation Move - YouTube

Ambani, the wealthiest man of India, the man who rules various sectors of the Indian economy, the best friend of Narendra Modi. Why are various huge firms coming and investing in the reliance Jio platform? All this is happening during the time of a pandemic when the FDI policies are also strengthened. Isn’t this surprising? Facebook has invested in Jio, Silverlake will invest in Jio, General Atlantic may also invest up to ₹10,000 crore in Jio platforms. All this happening during the time of a pandemic?

Why is in the country keeping a check on this specific company inviting applications from abroad? All these investment deals have taken place in a span of less than three weeks. This did not happen in the last three years but suddenly so much capital inflow is occurring in our country during times of distress when people are not getting food to eat.

Mr. Ambani‘s relationship has always been very good with the Prime Minister of the country. This is because there was a lot of hatred between the Congress party and the Ambanis. Congress was the first one to actually accuse the Ambanis regarding the scam of the fighter jet deal. Later on when the political party in power change to BJP Ambani‘s business started flourishing. Donations were made by Mr. Ambani in the name of charity to the government. During the election campaign, Ambani donated a hefty amount to Modi. If this is not love and brotherhood what is?

Jio has benefited from all the regulatory rules and other issues because Mukesh Ambani has been friends with Modi for years. There seems to be a personal level of affection between both of them. There is a higher level of favoritism when it comes to their relationship. Other firms are not given the opportunity to come out in the open and Jio is always promoted.

A huge amount of capitalization is occurring in reliance. Ambani is purchasing his own company shares. The share price is also on the search. When the whole world is crying why is one company investing so much? When the entire world was under losses, one of the companies, Reliance Defence, got a multibillion-dollar fighter jet deal. This high-profile deal was with another foreign company.

The company, reliance defense was registered just 12 days before Modi negotiated a deal with the French government. This all might be a scam according to various people.

Over the years Gujrat has become the hub for manufacturing, the hub for exports, and even tor production. India’s potato production increased by 20% in the last 10 years but in Gujarat it increased by a whopping 170%! Various modern irrigation facilities have been provided to the state and also schemes like “SAUNI Yojana and Sujalan Sufalam” have come into practice. According to PM Modi himself, in the last five years the central government has taken many efforts to increase the produce given by Gujarat to the whole country.

Modi has been too conscious of the needs of the state of Gujarat. Farmers were protesting regarding crop insurance schemes across the country, and suddenly BJP ruled out all schemes for that. It is important to have the same government at the state level and the central level so that the Centre gives equal rights to all the states. There are many people who feel that the discrimination is following in various sectors.

Modi cult overshadowed every other political leader because of the high level of publicity and the state of Gujarat came out stronger than before. By using modern technologies of communication, the state of Gujarat gained a lot of importance under the Modi rule. Modi as a leader does not have any expertise on the economy but he sure knows how to run states on the basis of culture.

A family business can only run if the head is in power and in this case the head is controlling the nation of 1.3 billion!

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