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Looking for Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai? Answer is Yatharth Marketing Solutions

There are various factors that are important in choosing the right training programme for a company in Mumbai. Training methods, time, costs to the company, and credentials are all prerequisites of a great corporate training programme. In all these factors, YMS has consistently been ranked as one of the best.

One of the main reasons for YMS’ success is their customized corporate training
solutions that focus on the client’s industry, company culture, and clear returns. YMS
training is one of the pioneers in developing technology-based skills learning for
employees at all levels of the organization. This has been found to have a significant
impact on employee productivity, as well as morale. As per client’s company
strategy, YMS corporate training delivers professional corporate, leadership and
team building sessions for not only existing needs but to meet the needs of the
future too! As a trusted partner for corporate training in Mumbai, YMS has
established itself as a go-to company for the entire breadth of training and
development solutions. The trainers at YMS don’t just focus on the job, but on
enriching the personal, social and professional lives of the employees. Their result- oriented approach is designed for the latest customer trends to deliver excellence in all their spheres of engagement.

Here are some of the reasons why YMS is one of the most sought after corporate training
companies in Mumbai today:

1. Preplanned Sessions – YMS sales training starts much before the actual session.
The trainers understand your company culture to identify and address any specific
problems ailing your sales teams. Based on your requirement, YMS designs
corporate training programmes to resolve your issues and push your sales team to
2. Clear Goals – Whether you are aiming to start social media sales or improving your
customer follow-up process, you can choose the main goals for corporate training as
per your priorities. This helps achieve optimum results for your employees.
3. On schedule training – YMS prepares a programme schedule for the sessions
where all the goals are covered. This ensures that no sessions exceed your
commitment. Whether you prefer a one-day seminar or a week-long workshop, you
can choose your priorities.
4. Comprehensive follow up plan – We all understand the importance of
reinforcement in developing excellent professional skills. Yatharth Marketing
Solutions also delivers optimum reinforcement plan for employees to make the
maximum use of corporate training programmes.

5. Digital Training – Even as there is greater pressure for employees to perform, it is
very difficult to arrange extensive training courses. YMS offers digital corporate
training sessions for short-term company strategy for employees to quickly get up to

6. Training methodology – Corporate Trainers at YMS are themselves adept in global
development methods, and are thus able to customise corporate training
programmes. The methodology they follow has been successful in delivering results
in various organisations across industry verticals and company hierarchy.

7. Technology enabled corporate training – Different training requires different
media for easier understanding. If corporate training companies are using just powerpoint presentations for training, it is not always going to be useful. That is why
YMS leverages all the media that employees work with, to ensure that the results of
training are applicable in real life, and not just in theory. With technology, there is
better engagement, higher retention, and greater positive impact.
If you are looking for corporate training solutions in Mumbai, look no further. Contact
Yatharth Marketing Solutions to choose the right sales training for your company.

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:
Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading Sales Training Company for corporate
organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns. With carefully
designed training modules and customized programmes, YMS has quickly become
one of the best sales training & sales consulting firm based in India. For more
information about the company and services, Visit:

Mihir Shah, CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solution
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9099799898

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