LPG cannot be booked before 15 days, Indian Oil’s decision

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the country’s largest oil marketing company, has appealed to people not to have ‘panic bookings’ in view of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Also, the company has said that now LPG can be booked only at a difference of 15 days.

There is no shortage of LPG in the country
In a video message, Indian Oil President Sanjeev Singh assured that there is no shortage of LPG in the country. He said that the supply of petroleum products is smooth throughout the country. There is no shortage or problem with petrol, diesel or cooking gas. Especially for LPG, I want to assure that you guys remain relaxed. The supply of LPG is running smoothly and will continue to run. Customers are requested not to make a panic booking. This causes unnecessary pressure on the system. We have now started the arrangement that customers will not be able to book refill before at least 15 days difference.

LPG demand increased after lockdown
Petrol-diesel consumption in the country has come down since the lockdown, but the demand for LPG has increased. Till now there was no time limit on booking of customers. Common consumers get subsidy on the first 12 domestic LPG cylinders in a year while subsidy is not available thereafter. Singh said that there is a huge stock of LPG in the country. Import terminals, refineries, bottling plants, transport networks, distribution networks are all fully functioning. Indian Oil is engaged with its channel partners to ensure that people do not face any kind of trouble.

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