Malaysia based startup Enheroes eyes at changing business models in the energy sector

Shubhabrata Samantaray, a geoscientist by profession lost his job in 2016 despite being at the peak of his career. Even with years of solid experience in the energy sector, he didn’t quite find a suitable opportunity. 

This pulled his morale down as he said, “It was an all-time low moment in my life when all my years of professional achievement and educational value had no meaning.” After two years of rigorous independent research, he found the theory of ‘intellectual sustainability’ which gave birth to Enheroes.

Enheroes is a global collective platform where various businesses and intellectuals from the energy world can interact to solve various challenges around sustainability, management tools and innovative solutions. “The idea of this startup is central to incubating, empowering and engaging progressive ideas through an AI-blockchain-extended reality-based intellectual engagement platform” explained Shubhabrata. 

Inspired and influenced by digital transformation, energy transitions in the modern world and sustainable development goals their goal is to fulfil mutating sustainability requirements across the digital energy industry based on shared valuation.

Shubhabrata manages to pick some brownie points for the innovation he brings as he has created CISMS (Collective Intellectual Sustainability Management System), an AI-based intellectual arrangement that gives answers for new working models or sustainable administration frameworks that can make associations stronger in terms of sustainability. The product is presently patent pending. It is an intellectual sustainability-oriented AI-powered framework that will perform a value-driven analysis. Currently, he is working on it with his wife, Suprava who is based out of Malaysia at present. 

Engaged to find a hybrid answer, the hybrid intellectual solution CISMS prompts a modern successful machine and human co-operative framework to connect intellectual sustainability loopholes in ideal decision making or operational models in enterprises turning them data-driven and human-centric associations.

In India, the oil and fuel sector is known to be one of the most important parts of the eight major sectors. An IBEF report states, “According to data released by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade Policy (DPIIT), the petroleum and natural gas sector attracted FDI worth $7.07 billion between April 2000 and December 2019.” He says that the inventions have various ramifications on psychological sustainability and might be connected to various parts like education, human resources, oil and power, software program development, infrastructural development, and impression financing.

Other startups working in the energy sector are Blume Ventures-backed Zenatix. Enheroes’s main focus stays with the idea of improving the global digital energy intellectual community with a target of onboarding and engaging one million agile entities by 2025.

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