List of Pin Code of Manipur

Manipur is a state in Northeast India, with the capital city of Imphal. It is bounded to the north by Nagaland, to the south by Mizoram, and to the west by Assam. It also shares borders with two Myanmar regions: Sagaing Region to the east and Chin State to the south. The state has a total area of 22,327 square kilometres (8,621 sq mi). The Meitei language (officially known as Manipuri language) is the most widely spoken language and the state’s official language, spoken natively by the Meiteis and as a lingua franca by the Nagas, Kukis, Zomis, and other smaller communities who speak a variety of Sino-Tibetan languages.



Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
Bishenpur 795126 Bishenpur Bishenpur Manipur
Bishenpur  795126 Chandel Chandel Manipur
Chakpikarong  795102 Chandel Chandel Manipur
Chendel  795127 Chandel Chandel Manipur
Ching Kompong  795158 Senapati Senapati Manipur
Churachandpur  795128 Churachandpur Churachandpur Manipur
D M College  795001 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Gulerthal  795115 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Hiyangthang  795120 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Imphal  795001 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Imphal Bazar  795001 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
J N University  795003 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Jiribam  795116 Imphal Jiribam Mani pur
K K Prampat  795121 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Kakching Bazar  795103 Thoubal Thoubal Mani pur
Kalapahar  795122 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Kangla Tongbi  795151 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Karong  795106 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Kongpokpi  795129 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Lamphelpat  795004 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Lilong  795130 Thoubal Thoubal Mani pur
Loktak Project  795124 Churachandpur Churachandpur Mani pur
Lumsung  795146 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Mantripukhri  795002 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Mao  795150 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Maram  795105 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Marjang Imphal 795132 Bishenpur Bishenpur Mani pur
Mayang Imphal  795132 Chandel Mayang Imphal Mani pur
Moirang 795133 BISHENPUR Moirang Mani pur
Moirang  795133 Chandel Chandel Mani pur
Moreh  795131 Chandel Moreh Mani pur
Nambal 795134 Bishenpur Bishenpur Mani pur
Nambol  795134 Chandel Nambol Mani pur
Nungba  795147 Tamenglong Tamenglong Mani pur
Parrel  795135 Chandel Chandel Mani pur
Samdol  795010 Ukhrul Ukhrul Mani pur
Sekmai  795136 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Singjamaibazar  795137 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Sugnu  795101 Chandel Sugnu Mani pur
Swombung  795011 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Tadubi  795104 Senapati Senapati Mani pur
Tamel  795125 Tamenglong Tamenglong Mani pur
Tamenglong  795141 Tamenglong Tamenglong Mani pur
Tengnoupal  795144 Churachandpur Churachandpur Mani pur
Thanlon  795143 Churachandpur Churachandpur Mani pur
Thingat  795139 Churachandpur Churachandpur Mani pur
Thoubal  795138 Thoubal Thoubal Mani pur
Tulihal  795140 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Tusen  795145 Imphal Imphal Mani pur
Ukhrul  795142 Ukhrul Ukhrul Mani pur
Wongoi  795123 Thoubal Thoubal Mani pur
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