Marketing Guru Ayman Kaddoura Reveals the Biggest Tip He Swears by as a Digital Marketer

In a short span of time, Dubai-based digital marketer and the founder of The Bridge Technology Ayman Kaddoura has garnered a lot of attention with his marketing vision and knack for customer service. He has made a mark for himself with fame and success in the industry of social marketing and project development. Even though he is quite young in the industry in comparison to his contemporaries in the enterprise, he doesn’t let his age define his learning abilities and his passion for the field. 


Today almost everybody has been bitten by the bug of digital marketing but the problem is nobody knows what is the correct path to start. This is the reason why Ayman took it upon himself to share the knowledge that he has acquired in the industry with his peers as well as followers. His social media platforms like LinkedInInstagramTwitter FacebookYoutube are truly the gold mines in digital marketing.


While it is hard, to sum up, all the knowledge he has gained in a short duration of time, there are certain things that he believes every new age marketer should follow in the industry.


According to Ayman Kaddoura, the most important thing is that your brand should have a visual element that makes it unique and helps you to stand out from your competition. If you see around, marketing, be digital or non-digital, is all about what the consumer can remember about you. Having a unique draw is the best thing that can happen to your brand as when you are working on Facebook promotions or any other social media platform, your impression should be unforgettable.


The young marketer feels that when people think of digital marketing, they tend to focus on the conversion rates and financial aspects of it, which is certainly important but so is branding. The engagement you acquire with your post is also crucial to sustain your brand and provide you with a lasting impression.

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