Musskan Sethi

Musskan Sethi is an Indian actress and model. She is a popular face featuring in TV Commercials, music videos and shoots for major brands. Inventiva features her as one of the social media influencers to look out for currently!

Huge names such as Samsung and Cello have associated with her for brand endorsements. In fact, her Instagram account alone boasts of 405K followers.

This 23-year-old vibrant soul is multi-faceted and brimming with energy. She has proven to be great in a wide range of other activities too.

Multi-talented right from the start, from dancing to singing, from painting to debating, Sethi would excel at these and more (even since her school days). She is vivaciously positive and extremely passionate about her acting career.

Musskan started her acting career in 2007 with her first Tollywood movie ‘Paisa Vasool’. This was while she was still pursuing her under-graduation alongside.

In this fun-filled conversation with Musskan Sethi, Inventiva gets up and close about her social media influencing career, over-all goals and aspirations.

Read on for Musskan opening up exclusively to Inventiva. Here are the personal insights that she shared for our readers.

1. Since when did you start with social media?

Actually, it’s just been 2 years since I started with social media properly. Prior to that, my social media presence included a personal blog and private accounts. However, 2 years ago at the time of my first film, I made my social media accounts public.

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2. What niche do you cater to?

I relate to young people especially those interested in style, fashion and travel. By profession, I am an actor and this started as a side-business and passion. I would promote my lifestyle in general. My travel experiences, the foodie in me and my way of eating. Basically posting about the life I lead on a daily basis. My posts were adored and shared overwhelmingly. When I realized that everybody around was liking what I was doing on my social media, I got a push to post even more and take my page further.

3. What brands have you endorsed till now?

Via social media, I have endorsed around 10-12 TV commercials and music videos. I have experimented with other types of posts and brands otherwise too on my social pages online. Via print media, I have endorsed brands such as Samsung, Cello, Panasonic, Dabur and RnM Jewelers. I have also featured in a photo-shoot for the clothing brand, Promod. Recently I collaborated with Shein. I love associating with brands that I can relate to, collaborating with a wide range of them on a regular basis. It boils down to what comes my way, which brands approach me and what I like about the project at hand.

4. What do you do in your full-time professional life?

I am an actor by profession and that’s where my passion lies. Till now, I have acted in two south Indian movies. The first being “paisa vasool” and second “radha krishna”. Both of these were Telugu films. I have also done a Punjabi movie, namely “High end Yaariyan” with Jassi Gill. The movie was made by Pankaj Batra. Currently, I am working on a Bollywood project.

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5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I love being a social influencer and I am involved in it like any other person today with a popular online presence. However, I am an actor first and look at myself being a successful one 5 years down from now. Thus I want to mainly focus on my work i.e. acting and would like the public’s focus on my films.

6. What is your educational and family background?

I have a diploma in Interior Design and a Bachelors degree in Mass Media and Communications. I have my parents and a younger sibling at home. I come from a highly career oriented family, with my father being an industrialist, and my mother a lawyer and a politician. I have a younger brother who is studying in the 12th standard currently.

7. Please share your complete name and social media handles. Share with our audience where they could contact you for brand endorsements.

Best way to get in touch with me would be on email. I do spend around an hour or so each day replying to my mails. For professional queries, I prefer replying on emails either way.

On social media and the web, you can find me at:

Full Name: Musskan Sethi

Facebook: Musskan Sethi

Instagram: Musskan Sethi


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