Newsplaneta: Becoming the go-to source for trustworthy worldwide news and updates.

It has become the best platform for reliable international news as an ad and subscription-free news outlet.

The kind of developments people have been noticing across industries of the world can be attributed to a number of factors. One, of course, includes the tech advancements, but majorly it is because of the relentless drive, tremendous passion, and insane level of energy and enthusiasm with which a few professionals and experts work toward their goals and turn the same into their desired brands, platforms, and businesses. We saw how a certain news outlet thrived on the same and went ahead in becoming a go-to source for trustworthy worldwide news and updates; we are talking about Newsplaneta. This has emerged as a unique news platform that is A. genuine and B. completely reliable and honest.

Unlike other news platforms that have been in a constant rat race, trying to prove their mettle by mostly sensationalizing things and distorting facts, Newsplaneta stands unique from the rest for multiple reasons. A team of professional writers and editors brings forth the latest news and updates about the world to readers by focusing on honest journalism and reporting. This has helped Newsplaneta become the best outlet for international news, a reliable ad, and a subscription-free news outlet.


For 14 long years, Newsplaneta has been serving people news ad-free and covers almost everything like world news and news on politics, sports, Corona, crime, weather & environment, finance, crypto, and more. Very few news platforms over the years have served readers constantly with authentic news pieces without being too dramatic, exaggerating, or overstating things, and Newsplaneta definitely ups the game in the niche, motivating and inspiring other budding news outlets and platforms around the world to be one such.

It has been a go-to news outlet for independent news for years, and the team takes pride in highlighting that more than 175 countries regularly rely on its services to stay connected with the world on various topics and news. The writers’ unique writing style, compelling words and tone for remarks, criticism, information reporting, analysis, and more have also attracted maximum attention of people and have risen to the top as a syndicated news feed for educational purposes.


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