Nominee For Motor Vehicles?? Yes, This New RC Will Be Faceless If Aadhaar Authentication Is Chosen By The Nominee!

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recommends that vehicle owners can specify the name of the nominee during the vehicle registration.

The official statement stated that this will help the vehicle to register and transfer in the name of the nominee in case the owner of the vehicle dies.

Otherwise, the process is non-uniform and cumbersome across the nation.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways invites all stakeholders and the public to provide suggestions and comments on the proposed amendments to the 1989 Central Automobile Regulations

It also proposed the amendment of several standardized forms used in vehicle registration certificates (RC).

One recommendation stated: An additional clause is proposed, in which if there is a nominee’s identity evidence, the owner can nominate anyone as the legal heir to the vehicle at the time of death.

If the nominee is specified, then the vehicle will be transferred in the name of the nominee, and the nominee will have to upload a death certificate on the portal to notify the registration authority and apply for a new registration certificate through the portal in his name.

If the nominee chooses Aadhaar authentication, then this new RC will be completely faceless.

If there is a possibility of change in the nominee under special circumstances such as property division, divorce, an agreement to transfer assets without sale can be reached through the agreed standard operating procedure for such nomination, which can be carried out by the owner. Due to the auction of vehicles, nominee changes may also occur.

Certificates issued by Tribunals/ District Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ Honorable Courts can be used to promote this citizen-friendly service, and such a window will be available in the proposed amendment.

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