Oyo Rooms Announced A 25 Percent Reduction In Employee Salaries

The lockdown continues in India to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. This has broken the backbone of the hotel industry. In this way, hotel chain company, Oyo Rooms has announced a 25 percent reduction in the salary of all employees in India.The deduction will be made by the company for four months starting from April. According to Reuters, the company has also sent some of its employees on holiday with limited benefits.

In this context, OYO CEO, Rohit Kapoor mentioned in an e-mail to employees, The company will cut the salary of employees in India by 25%. Medical claims and school fee reimbursement will continue to be provided to the employee going on leave. Not only this, the company has also said that if any unexpected medical emergency situation comes along with an employee, it will also help in providing additional medical insurance.

The reduction in salary will not affect the employees who are earning less than Rs 5 lakh annually. Kapoor further stated that, some employees of Oyo will be sent on leave from 4 May 2020 for four months period.

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