‘Parikrma Humanity Foundation’ is the fruitful outcome of The Honor And Transparency In Shukla Bose

‘Parikrma Humanity Foundation’ is the fruitful outcome of The Honor And Transparency In Shukla Bose

The word “Parikrma” has been derived from Sanskrit, which means round, or a circle. At Parikrma Foundation, it is called the ‘circle of life’.

So Parikrma is a non-profit organization that runs English-medium schools for underprivileged children in Bangalore, India, and this amazing initiative has been taken by its CEO, and founder, Ms. Shukla Bose.


About Shukla Bose

Shukla Bose was associated with The Oberoi hospitality group for 13 years and was the CEO of RCI for 11 years. She volunteered with Mother Teresa for 7 years.

Her experience with slum and street children greatly motivated her to make the development of underprivileged children as her core focus in life. Back in 2003, Shukla started the Parkirma Humanity Foundation.

She has been contributing towards shaping and influencing education policies at the State and National levels. Not only this, but she is also a member of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission (KKC) – headed by Dr. K Kasturirangan.

Shukla Bose, Author at parikrmahumanityfoundation

The KKC aims to enable the development of the dynamic knowledge-based society in Karnataka. She has been nominated as the chairperson to reshape the Karnataka school education policy and works with the Karnataka State Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), IQ Education Excellence Task Force, to check on quality in education. As a member of the national CII Education Committee, Shukla helps in drafting the national policy for schools.

She is the academy Member, HundrED Organization, Finland. Apart from this, she is also a life member of Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development along with a member of INTACH and assists in planning the preservation of architecture and heritage in the southern states.

Shukla is an unstoppable woman. Ever since she began with her work, no force has been able to slow her down. Her articles have been published in The Deccan Herald and Bangalore Mirror.

Amitabh Bachchan kicks off the Jeaneration Initiative for NGO Parikrma with Shobha De and Parikrma CEO Shukla Bose / Most Viewed Bollywood Photos - Bollywood Photos

Talking about her childhood, she comes from Darjeeling. Her father was a scrupulously honest bureaucrat. There wasn’t much money but she saw that he wielded a lot of power, that’s when she learned that honor, is way more important than just wealth. Her life is a true example of high thinking, simple living.

She says that she taught her the boundaries between what belongs to you and what does not. Today, those values reflect in her quite evidently.

She knew coming up with Parikrma means investing all of her time and patience, something she never failed to do. Parikrma focuses on the real meaning of education and development.

Through advocacy and proven case studies, the organization influences systems, policies, and processes of education at all the regional, national and global levels. its way of scaling is to share its model and expertise with government school teachers through its Education Transformation Centre.

Shukla Bose — The Leela Collective

Their team preparing even the poorest to be a part of our new world – a world defined by shrinking boundaries, increasing diversity, and rapid change enabled by technology.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” came to its true sense after looking at Shukla Bose, and her organization Parikrma, which has evidently made a huge change!

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