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PM Modi Speech Addressed To The Nation. What was said- what was hidden?

Today at 8 pm, prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on coronavirus, the entire nation was desperate to hear what Narendra Modi is going to say in his speech. What reforms, packages, planning his government and cabinet ministers have done?

Modi’s announcements at 8 pm (Indian Standard Time) have always made Indian citizens concerned as major decisions like demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 100 notes; bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir and declaring them as union territories that had an effect on people were also announced at 8 pm by the prime minister.

The latest in the list is his March 19 announcement at 8 pm to observe lockdown from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22. He asked people not to come out of their houses in the specified timings. He had even said that people should clap exactly at 5 pm, appreciating the service of doctors and those in health sectors fighting against coronavirus.

But this was misinterpreted as people started coming out of the house with plates and conches and started beating them, blowing them loudly along with claps, saying this was a way to kill coronavirus. People even attributed this “unique” finding to Modi and said loud noise will kill coronavirus and make India virus-free.

This time, people started assuming that Narendra Modi is going to declare financial emergency which did not happened. Few points which Narender Modi said in his speech to the nation.

1. No medicine yet on coronavirus, only social distancing is the option to save yourself, all the news related to some medicine being developed and read to use comes out to be fake.

2. Complete lockdown for 21 days. On March 21 2020, 3 days before today’s address to the nation, Inventiva team wrote in an article that PM Narender Modi may declare complete lockdown, which many people claimed to be fake, but today, PM himself announced for a complete lockdown for 21 days.

Indian Government Likely To Announce Total Lockdown For 15 Days In Coming Days


3. Italy and America despite having one of the world’s best healthcare infra is unable to control the disease, Narender Modi should start focusing more on the investments in Healthcare, education & research.

4. 15,000 crore investment for corona patients care and testing.

What PM Modi didn’t address or has hidden.

1. Who will supply food and other basic amenities to the people locked down for 21 days in their home?

2. How are people going to survive without money? Who will pay for their daily expenses, when they will not work and earn?

3. What financial packages have been given to the citizens of India locked down in the country for 21 days.

4. In his previous speech, he has asked companies not to cut the salaries of people but no information was given, on how the companies will pay the salaries, when they will not be able to work & without earning for themself, how they will handle their expenses & liabilities?

5. What arrangements have been made to control the spread of coronavirus except for self distancing and lockdown? Are cities, districts, states going to be sanitized? Any plans or arrangements for distribution of mask, sanitizers?

6. How the government is going to handle the financial losses & control the economy when the entire nation and its most revenue generation sectors will be completely locked down.

7. No information was shared if PM is planning or not planning for financial emergency, but the question still remains the same, 21 days with a total lockdown will fetch lacs & crores of financial losses to the country, how is the government planning to curb & control the same.

We are not doubting on PM modi’s intelligence, wisdom and maturity, as a matter of fact, our loving Modi Ji is one of the most sound, responsible, intelligent & intellectual prime minister, this country has seen in last 72 years, but are the plannings & arrangements going to be the same that were at the time of demonetization?

The Nation wants to know….



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