Save Energy & Save Electricity while shopping – Bestwattage

Save Energy & Save Electricity while shopping – Bestwattage

Save energy, save electricity, go green. The most common quotes that we listen to when it comes to saving the environment.

As things have been changed drastically over the past decade, there is an electronic device to complete each manual work such as washing machines, mixer grinders, dishwashers, etc.

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All these automated items work on electricity. This electricity is generated using thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric power plants, etc. thermal power plants and nuclear power plants cause more pollution than any other source of energy. Nowadays, even transportation has been changed from petrol, diesel to electric.

To bring awareness of how the consumption of energy can be reduced, provides details to consumers on how they can actually reduce our electricity bills by saving the environment. provides information on the wattage or power to choose for daily used household products which can save the electricity bills for the consumers and also the environment.

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Bestwattage recommends the product with 5 stars rated electricity consumption. The reason they mention is very simple, your electricity bills can go up by the change of tax or hike in prices which is directly proportional to the household item you use on a daily basis.

They also recommend some of the best products that we can actually buy for Indian homes, such as the best geyser in India, the best mixer grinder in India. These products are shortlisted by considering the save energy and save electricity campaign.

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During the initial stages, the team of experts used to visit the manufacturing companies to see how products are actually designed and manufactured. And also make sure that manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

Once the product released in the market, the team visits the store and check if the product meets all the ISI standards. Electricity consumption that is declared on the product is not surreal.

The expert team also considers the safety aspects of the product. For example, checking if a Mixer has an overload protection feature that can help the product in the long run.

Once all the tests are passed, the product will be eligible for the recommendations of the customers or consumers.

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For example:

If a consumer is searching for the best mixer in India, expert teams’ article on mixer grinders helps the consumers to choose the right Wattage, Motor, RPM, and mixer jars, etc. on the whole, 5 to 10 best mixers that are best energy saving with high safety are shortlisted and placed with specifications for consumers.

In the end, Readers will be in the right place to choose the right and best mixer that fits them to save the power bills for the longer run.

Bestwattage’s expert team consists of IIT and NIT stakeholders. These electrical engineer graduates help consumers in the right way to choose the right product by saving the environment and electricity bills.

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Bestwattage won’t charge anything from the manufacturers or from the consumers. It is a kind of non-profit organization. To maintain the website and team they used to place affiliate links at the bottom of the product.

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