Shiftboard merges with SchedulePro to offer more robust workforce scheduling software

Seattle-based Shiftboard is merging with Vancouver, B.C.-based SchedulePro to beef up its workforce scheduling application.
Both companies sell similar software and say the combination will leverage strengths of each product.
The new company will be retain the Shiftboard name. Shiftboard CEO Sterling Wilson will continue leading the combined company. Sachin Agrawal, CEO of SchedulePro developer EDP Software, will become CTO.
“Shiftboard and SchedulePro each specialize in different areas of the process, SchedulePro being a leader with high-compliance industries and Shiftboard specializing in highly dynamic worksites across multiple industries,” Sterling said in a blog post. “We believe our two solutions will complement each other and present our customers with an incredible offering.”
For now, customers will be able to access both Shiftboard and SchedulePro separately.
“Between the two solutions, we’re confident we can address any enterprise workforce scheduling scenario,” Wilson said.
Founded in 2002, Shiftboard initially built employee shift management software for healthcare clients. It has since expanded across several industries and use cases. Its software lets businesses integrate payroll information and utilize data to create optimal workforce operations, among other solutions. The company raised $11.5 million in 2018 and has less than 50 employees.
EDP Software’s roots date back to 1981 when it was an IT consulting firm. The company has less than 20 employees.
Source: Geek Wire

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