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Slot Terms: A Glossary of Slot Terminology

Slot Terms: A Glossary of Slot TerminologySlot Terms: A Glossary Of Slot Terminology - Inventiva

Slots form a large part of the collection of games at most of the online casinos in India together with online poker. The best thing about slot games is that these are the simplest to understand and play. However, for the newcomers in the gambling industry, there are a few slot terminologies that they need to understand. Hence, we have come up with the slot glossary along with their definition of each term.


234 Ways: It is a slot type that does not contain any pay lines. It pays out only if the symbols are lined up adjacent to each other on any reel, from left to right or right to left.


1024 Ways: A 1024 ways slot machine is similar to 234 ways slot, but with an additional row of symbols. The five reels and four columns create a progressive number of winning combinations.


3-Reel Slots: It is a type of slot machine with three columns for spinning the symbols. A 3 reel slot carries a 3×3 grid, i.e., 3 rows & 3 reels and has a classic feel to it.


5-Reel Slots: It is a type of slot machine with five columns for spinning the symbols. A 5-reel slot machine carries 5×3 grid, i.e., 5 rows & 3 reels and is high in demand.


3D Video slot: A 3D slot is a graphically advanced slot designed to deliver visual effects to the players.


Action: This is a type of slang used in the world of slot games, which determines the number of bets placed by the player in a specified period.


Active Paylines: An active pay-line is the one that’s currently in action with symbols on it. The active payline can result in a payout if the symbol combination on it is the winning one. In some slot games, the players have the option to select their active paylines, while other slots have the fixed active paylines.


Autospin: It is one of the basic features of the slots that allow the players to set the number of spins beforehand under a bet level.

Slot Terms | Guide to Slot Terminology | Slot Glossary Guide

All Ways: In these types of slot games, the paylines can form the winning combination from left to right right to left.


Bet: Bet is the amount of money, the player stakes per spin or round.


Bars: Bar the vintage slot symbols printed as “BARS” on the reels. These are the lowest paying symbols.


Bonus Feature: Bonus feature is also known as the bonus round or bonus game, which brings an additional feature in the game that further brings bigger payouts. This feature has to be triggered by forming a winning combination on the reels. A bonus feature can bring the free spins and bonus payout to the players.


Bonus Multiplier: A bonus multiplier resembles a simple multiplier, but it brings a bonus along.


Branded Slots: These are the type of slots that feature themes based on popular TV shows or movies, music bands, or characters.


Classic Slots: A classic slot is a 3-reel slot, with vintage symbols like Bells, Bars, Fruits, and 7s.


Coins: Coins refers to the currency used by the players in a slot game.


Coin Size: Coin size describes the worth of each bet placed.


Drops: This is a relatively new feature in online slot games, where the symbols are falling into the places instead of spinning the reels. An example of this feature is presented in Gonzo Quest Slot Game.


Free Spins: Free spins are the free bonus offered to the players for spinning the reels for free. This bonus is generally triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels.

Slot Machine Glossary Guide – Comprehensive List Of Slot Terms

Fixed Jackpot: A jackpot that has a fixed amount.


Fixed Value Slot: A slot which only has a single bet size is known as fixed value slot.


High Volatility Slot: The slots that have a high difference between the minimum and maximum win sizes. When the games’ jackpot is high, its volatility will also be high.


Hit: A winning spin or round.


Jackpot: Top prize offered to the players in a slot game.


Low Volatility Slot: A slot machine that pays frequently in small and mid-size portions.

Paylines: Each game’s payout depends upon paylines. A payline is arranged across the reels, which forms the foundation for making the combination of symbols.


Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot is the one, which keeps on increasing in size, as the player increases the frequency of the bet.


RNG: Random Number Generator is a computer program which ensures the randomness of a game.


Scatter symbol: This symbol shows up anywhere on the reels to form a combination to make trigger the bonus round in the game.


Slot Tournament: A slot tournament refers to the event in which a group of players are competing for big prizes


Straight Multiplier: In this type of slot the winning matches are triggered only with a single coin.


Wild Symbol: A wild symbol is represented as the logo of the game, which replaces all the others on the reels to form a winning combination.


Winning Combination: Any combination of symbols that bring payouts.


ZigZag: It is the pattern of a winning combination, which usually occurs in slots with multiple paylines.


These were some of the most frequently used slot terminologies that the players should know. With the knowledge of all these terms, you become ready to spin the reels on some of the popular slots. However, as a beginner, you are always advised to first try hands at free play before playing with real money. Visit to see free play promotions for Indian players. You can win free free rupees by playing some of these games. Just make sure gambling is legal in your area.

Slots Terminology – Glossary Of Slots Terms, Slang & Lingo




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