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Soon an App-based Digital Platform to Rope in Social Volunteers from IT Firms

To promote effective volunteering by working professionals and companies for social causes, PM Modi will soon launch a mobile app based digital platform.
Professionals keen on doing volunteer work in their free time will be provided a platform by the government through an app, ‘Self4Society’, developed by MyGov, a citizen engagement platform founded by the Government of India.
Currently available as a website, Self4Society, the platform is the premiere workspace for Electronics and IT corporates to organise employee engagements (Initiatives) for social work. The organisation can create their own Initiatives under the identified National Causes.
In addition, the soon to be launched Self4Society App (available on Google Play Store and App Store) will be for employees, who will volunteer for Initiatives and contribute their time to tasks on-the-ground.
Initially aimed at IT companies, the app will have incentives, gamification and intra- and inter-company competitions, and social networking. Eventually the app will be joined by employees of other sectors as well.
The voluteers from organization will receive Goodness Points for their work. These Goodness Points are a mechanism to credit the Organisation and its employees who volunteer for Initiatives, for the ground work they have executed. By earning greater goodness points, Organisations and their employees have the opportunity to be part of the New India Champions Leader board on the Self4Society platform that features the top five contributors among organisations and individuals.

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The app is reportedly an outcome of conversations between Mr. Modi and several corporate leaders who had said that their employees wanted to do volunteer work but did not have any guidance.
With the launch of the app, the volunteer time for the government’s flagship programmes such as Swachh Bharat and Digital Literacy among others, is expected to increase.
“A lot of companies run volunteering initiatives. This platform will help to create better synergies among so many initiatives and lead to a much better outcome of the efforts of professionals. Companies have observed that a spirit of service and volunteering improves employee satisfaction and reduces employee attrition. This app comes after discussions with companies from the information technology sector on these lines,” a source said.
The app launch will happen in a town hall style event, which is expected to be attended by around 2,000 people. Around 1,000 others will join via a video link from other cities.
Source: IndianWeb2
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