We have all experienced several highs and lows over the COVID period. 

2020 and 2021 was challenging year for all of us. Many of us lost our close ones, and many of us were struck at some place far from our homes due to lockdown conditions.

However, it was also the most creative period for the majority of us since we were all free to use our knowledge, interests, and skills to appreciate ourselves and our surroundings.


Somehow, we all know how hard it feels to lose loved ones or be apart from them. 

We all have that nagging sense of sadness and emptiness all the time.


A youthful, enthusiastic artist includes these concealed emotional sensations in his debut English album. known as STELLA.


Yesss!! He is none other than “QAYAMAT.” 


He was inspired by the time of COVID when everyone was cooped up in their houses, and he endeavored to express through his lyrics and song that we all live apart from our loved ones, whether they be our family, friends, or lovers.

Even though they were only a few steps away, we couldn’t go outside and meet up, and in the midst of the confusion, we also lost some loved ones.


Artist further added, He chose to present it with a funk vibe because it started out as a love song but ultimately turned into a sorrowful tune.

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Do check out this lovely, hypnotic song on Spotify.


Click or tap this link to access it:


You will undoubtedly enjoy this song and be able to relate to it at some point.

Share it with whomever you feel like sharing it with or the person you are missing right now. Shower your LOVE.

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