The Episodes Of Constant Disarray Which Eventually Lead to Tumble The Acquisition.

As of the year 2008, Microsoft acquires the danger Inc. which a company was all the way known for its explicit software and services in the computing devices especially in the domain of mobile phones.
The danger Inc. was a sensation at one time
The sidekick phones by danger had become a fashion in the recent years especially amongst the young college going generation. It was their introduction with the QWERTY keypad that brought the revolutionary mindset in the era of technological advancements which was considered the handiest approach for the messaging and mail concept.
This intervention indeed made the sidekick as one of the powerful giants in the smart phone domain, and soon the enterprise emerged a stood is amongst the fastest growing in the segment of mobile marketing. The sidekick alone was responsible to account for about 1.1 billion of the top revenue charts for danger.The addition of the danger incorporation was seen to be a compilation of the subset of mobile devices which could be accessed to large masses worldwide.
 The concurrent episodes of delinquency
But a drastic shook happened to be with the danger Inc. when one of their important data centres were shut which eventually resulted from them to have a major setback as a lot more of customer data reside in there and they had a long way to reacquire back the company’s position.
As this was not  enough another instance which broke up to the danger incorporation was the emergence of Microsoft KIN , which was a product that though was a product of Microsoft and danger collaboration but had fallen prey to the cannibalisation of existing market of danger Inc. Just within 48 days of the same the product was being taken aback from the market because of the bad reviews which affected the device market tackle this situation Microsoft came again with another step to ensure the up gradation of a device which could handle the consumer needs in and out.
Look upon of the acquisition
The acquisition was also looked upon to stand in competition with apple as it was already leading with this hardware and software collaboration with the help of I phone and iPod. And the Microsoft as the global software giant has recently realised that the need hardware corporation too along with them to make their work even grows more of success.
The deal of collaboration among the two firms was ascertained to be of competitive nature a sit would provide the next generation of smart phones with explicit operating system collectively.
 Deviation from the very objective
 Many of the time it is being cited that this acquisition of sidekick maker was more of incomplete in its aims and objectives.
 When on April 15, 2008 the announcement was being made by the Microsoft to acquire the danger incorporation it was certainly believed that a great software client has driven a powerful hosted hardware now for its rich consumer experience. The strengthening innovative ability of both the collaborated firms was awaited with great result’s post the acquisition. This integrated approach was now ready to make the people stay connected with their social circles and community contents.
The main objective of the collaboration was underlying the tapping of a wider horizon of consumer set to be captured with the evolving experience of the two merged firms.Moreover it was also being uncertain that the danger employees would be working from their office site itself. Since of all what we know about the danger platform it has a commendable job in the computation of the devices especially when it comes on to the server side.
The pink project effect
 It was as a consequence of their collaboration only that Microsoft was now emergent with an operating system that could bring both the connectivity and messaging to a stable lower end.
 As of the various acquisitions Microsoft have been a part with, various reason are time and again accounted for the failure of the joint association. Post the acquisition the pink project of Microsoft accounted for the various vulnerability of the collaboration.As the new source has now made its way along the it the Microsoft danger acquisition failed even faster.
The pink project was extensively involved into the independent operation of windows phone and Zune. But danger was not made as an important part of the pink project and these constraints eventually prevented danger Inc. from growth into the developing market. And the entire scenario was then indeed subjected to presumable leveraged face time.
 Eventually the acquisition was subjected to negligence
 Inside stories from the acquisition failure cited that the Microsoft did not checked upon the progress of the sidekick and the T mobile .Only pending dates were being ascertained to the targets being looked upon for the same and no strict guidelines and action was taken to compile it in an constructive manner.
 The poor management of Microsoft with respect to the danger incorporation was also seen the other roar for the failed acquisition.
 The objurgation of work with those plenty of professionals from the information technology was seen did not get much of the plausible backups in the production centres with the danger Inc. not only this certainly the Microsoft incorporation wanted to replace the infrastructure of the danger Inc. with its own.
Not only this Microsoft also wanted to subordinate and replace the than technology of  danger using the oracle real application cluster , which was extensive with its data restoring approach to keep the information intact. Even a hardware failure of some kind was also reported with the danger sidekick data centre as to a matter of fact of which it was on an auto pilot support for long time.
 Aggressive usage of updates which could not be quite resilient with the nature of acquisition has certainly been responsible in the data failure. Moreover danger was using a kind of most confusing and troublesome approach for its extensive database management and that too with a lacking expertise skill set. And most important of all they were also not backing up the database despite having such an extensive redundant SAN available to them.These all facts and circumstance indeed drove the acquisition towards downfall.

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