The interesting facts about online dating

Our current technology has changed our way of life forever. Everything can be done virtually, reducing the time and effort we exert in our daily tasks. Probably, one of the most interesting developments we’ve witnessed during the previous years is the introduction of dating apps and sites
The use of dating platforms is now widely accepted. Each day, more men and women are enticed to create their own profiles and try their luck in online dating. 
Since you hear about it almost every single day, you probably assume that you know everything about virtual dating, but there are a few things you might not know about it. 

Online dating has led to more marriages

You probably heard your friends or coworkers meeting a new significant other thanks to dating apps and sites. According to several studies, an online relationship only lasts for a few months. 
Over the years, dating platforms have paved the way for many relationships that led to strong marital relationships, which is surprising because the data shows otherwise. In the years to come, it’s expected that our dating and relationships would primarily take place virtually.

There are more men on dating platforms

Studies have claimed that there are more male users on dating apps and sites than female users. Through this data, it shows that women are more cautious when it comes to dating. Most likely, they prefer meeting a potential partner in a normal setup than talking with strangers online. 

You can find niche dating platforms

We have approximately hundreds of choices on a single dating platform. This could be a good thing for individuals who are more than ready to explore these seemingly endless opportunities. However, this can be challenging for those who have a specific type of person in mind. 
For instance, there are dating platforms exclusive for people looking for a same-sex partner. If you want, there are also sites and apps that would connect you with other users based on your career goals, religious beliefs, and many more. Whatever your preferences are, there is surely one platform out there that is perfect for your needs.   

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Race and social status are important factors

While searching for a partner online, experts claim that we tend to be judgmental. Online daters mostly care about looks, so they spend more time on the display picture of the user. In addition to appearance, the person’s race and social status are being considered. Individuals that came from specific races or nations are more likely to be accepted. Those who are already working and who seem to be financially stable also receive much attention from the opposite sex. 

Quality matches by algorithms are coming

While using dating apps and sites, one of the perks we can get from it is that we can instantly get connected with users who have the same interests or simply referred to as desirable matches. However, experts claim that algorithms in dating platforms can’t exactly tell the compatibility of the users. 
There are various plans in place to address this issue and make the platforms more useful to love seekers. One example is incorporating artificial intelligence or AI into the platform to gain more information from the users. This development is the first step to improving matches and determining compatibility.

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