The story of India’s Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani- who has now become the fifth richest man in the world

Mukesh Ambani, the chairperson, and MD, Reliance Industry Limited – is now the world’s fifth-richest man surpassing Warren Buffet, a 63-year-old man who is now worth $74.6 billion. With his string of deals for the growth of digital business with other tech giants has doubled his share since the low in March. All this happen after RIL’s Jio platform got more than $15 billion investments from that deals. And last week, Google has also agreed to buy $4.5 billion stakes in Jio. How he has been able to reach such success while he used to live in a 2BHK apartment with his family in the 1970s?

Well to know the answer, Let’s take a look at his early life!

Mukesh Ambani – the elder son of legendary business leader Dhirubhai Ambani. He played a vital role to take Reliance Industries Limited to the zenith of success in his career life. Despite all the competitors like Tatas and Birla, Mukesh Ambani gave his best, dealing with the allegations of business malpractice. And, continues his success in different spheres of business. Along with his tremendous growth, he has often seen in headlines for his lavished lifestyle. Located in South Mumbai, a home named Antilia has been rated as the world’s costliest residential property by Forbes. It currently valued over $1 billion. He was able to maintain India’s richest man position for almost 6 years.

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He joined the business after his graduation and played a pivotal role in growing the business legacy and diversify it into different sectors. Under the leadership of Mukesh Ambani, the business has grown into sectors like petroleum refining, petrochemical, and gas exploration. And, majorly the Reliance Telecommunication Industry. 

In 2010, Mukesh Ambani decided to set up the petroleum refinery in Jamnagar. This initiative brings the manufacturing capacity of the Reliance Petroleum industry a substantial growth. The company also experience growth in the retail sector under his leadership. 

Being successful is not that easy. He has faced various upside down in his career and personal life. He had a fight with his younger sibling Anil Ambani – another business tycoon and chairperson of Reliance ADA Groups. This got Media’s attention for a long while. Mukesh Ambani also faced a major setback when the NDA government slammed $579 million fine on the Reliance Petroleum Industry. That was not enough. The Aam Admi Party leader, Arvind Kejriwal accused him of interfering in the government work. 

Despite all the acquisition and the hurdles, Mukesh Ambani never step-back and always looking forward to the growth. His recent major success can be seen in the form of Reliance Jio. Some said that it was his aggressive move to bring 4G services at a minimal price. On the other hand, Mukesh Ambani was pretty confident about his decision. And, it paid off. The Reliance Jio had record-breaking 16M subscribers within one month of the launch and the daily increase in subscription.

Now Jio is planning to work with Qualcomm and Google to create a new smartphone that can bring the greatest threat to Chinese peers like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi – that always dominates India’s smartphone market. Along with his work on 5G technologies, he is soon going to beat other countries in digital aspects. 

With his strong visions and continuous efforts Mukesh Ambani has doubled his wealth and regarded as the backbone of the Indian Economy. As India’s richest is losing money, Ambani is gaining more. 

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Ambani’s ambition of shifting towards e-commerce from energy can give a new growth to Ambani and Reliance Industries shareholders. Reliance Retail Industry already has the largest chain in India and is soon going to get bigger with the help of digitization. 

He is the perfect example for those who believe that their family has done well for them and there is no need for them to work at all. It is the duty of future generations to lead the business left by their ancestors and take them to another level of success. Just like Mukesh Ambani!!

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