The Top Six Saree Shopping Sites In India

Saree shopping may be a seldom experienced event in other countries, but it is an annual event throughout almost all of India. In the country, the tradition of wearing sarees to functions has now extended to wearing them to work, visits, and almost all occasions no matter how special feel incomplete without a saree. And to help you find great sarees for you, here are the six best saree shopping sites in India:

  • BharatSthali should be your first choice of consideration when it comes to saree shopping. With a wide range of sarees and a varied collection present in each and every category, BharatSthali is a one-stop saree shop for all your saree needs. From Bengali to pure silk, from cotton to linen and linen blends, this site has a saree available for every occasion you can come up with. With a separate category available on their website for certifications, BharatSthali is a trusted site around the nation for anybody requiring a saree. Saree is the signal of pride for every woman, the signal of strength for every mother, the signal of beauty for every wife, and the signal of love for every daughter. Indian women are proud to wear them through all course of life. But finding the right saree for every walk of life, every time of style and quality check, are a great concern. So we have bought you a Chandigarh based fair-trade enterprise- Bharatsthali. Bharatsthali is ‘vocal for local’ enthusiast much before it became a national catchphrase. They are the best online shopping place for saree. They make handloom fashionable and mainstream. Bharatsthali brings saree from deep roots of traditions which are carefully handwoven. It’s a go-to option for people who are waking up to the benefits of wearing natural textiles that are skin-friendly and eco-friendly. They have a wide range of sarees for all walks of life. Be it the dreamy drapes of silk, cotton, linen, kalamkari ikat or the Banarasi dupatta, cotton suits, or organza fabric at wholesale rate here’s handwoven delights for classes and masses. Bharatsthali is the brainchild of pulkit and sumati– a husband-wife duo, who started their entrepreneurial journey with Arena Flowers- a one-stop destination for online flowers. Bharatsthali is a one-stop-shop for finding handlooms online, from six yarders to fabrics by the yard. With sarees coming from the tradition-rich cities of Banaras, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kolkata, and south India, their fabric is shining, shimmering, and raw with smooth textiles. Kanchipuram silk, the pride of Tamilnadu is crisp and sheer in Bharatsthali Kanchipuram silk sarees. They bring fabrics fresh from weavers and artisans to facilitate ease in business, to increase the margin for weavers, and to reduce the costs for end-users. As the fear of pandemic has prisoned us inside our homes, Bharatsthali is worth checking out for orders for they have premium logistic partners and have faster turnaround times. Bharatsthali silk bare Silk Mark India, a certification of purity and authenticity by the government of India. They provide free shipping on all Indian orders with ultimate fast delivery service, 24/7 support system and they also ensure your payment security. With the upliftment of rural weavers in selling their products on Bharatsthali, they are contributing to the upliftment of the Indian economy in a rural area, and by preserving and nurturing our tradition with innovation, they bring out the best culture ware of all style, for all time! Oh, tradition worshippers, your body deserves to be clothed with such fine class saree for you are the pride of India! If not now, then when? You can visit them here:

  • Myntra is a hugely popular site that is known for its collection of clothing. For people of any and all ages, Myntra is a site for anybody with the need for any kind of clothing – from casual to professional, or even for special functions. It goes without saying, but Myntra easily has one of the best collections of sarees in the country, available at inexpensive rates for the quality you are provided. As India’s most popular shopping destination, the e-retail giant offers yet another huge collection of sarees, including customizable filters according to length, fabric and so on. And what more is needed when the same site can be used to purchase matching designer blouses for the sarees you added to your cart?
  • AJIO started out as an underdog in a well-established industry, and quickly managed to cop one of the top spots in the field of clothes shopping. Being tagged as the most popular destination for ethnic wear is no joke, and neither is their wide range of collections! With frequent sales and high discount options to choose from, what sets AJIO apart is not only their range of products, but their prioritization of the customer as well. Like a product? Avail it at low rates! Don’t like it? Instant returns! AJIO abides by the “customer knows best” formula, and keeps its user experience user-friendly. With various filters for price range and cloth blends, finding a saree that tugs at your heart is simply clicks away.
  • The goal of every saree shopping site is to pop up at the top organically when the search term being used is “buy sarees online”, and yet no site can seem to displace Suta. Suta is a Mumbai-based saree shopping venture with a huge following on its brand social media, having gained attention in the recent past. Suta’s sarees are handmade, and their selection includes a vast range of colors, fabrics, styles, and so on. With a side splash of an enviable designer blouse collection, Suta’s already-likeable business quality is completed with a cherry on top by making shipping available all over India.
  • If you have ever been on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, you have definitely heard of FabIndia. The company recently made headlines in The Economic Times for inviting Aditya Ghosh, former IndiGo president, to its board. The company is well-known for their amazing clothing collections, and is a pioneer in the textile and online shopping industries. With a national presence, FabIndia is well-revered as a saree shopping stop, and deservedly so. With a saree for every special event in your life available with them, their site offers various options, including customizable fabric filters to almost something for every mood or occasion. With a separate category for designer blouses that pair well with their sarees, you are simply a few clicks away from dressing yourself for the mood.
  • You simply cannot be an adult from South India and not have heard about Nalli Silks. With a legacy spanning over a century old, Nalli Silks is known to have mastered customer relationships and quality sarees before the era of the Internet. Synonymous with the term “Kanchipuram silk”, their online shopping site has only helped reinforce their strong presence throughout the nation, making their high-quality silk sarees available to you at the click of a button. With a vast collection of selectable clothing, the company maintains their high levels of customer satisfaction to this day, which can be corroborated by a huge number of customers that have shopped there, be it once or periodically.

Be it a tradition or a once-in-a-blue moon fantasy, sarees are one of the best-known pieces of clothing that have evolved to suit almost all occasions in the country, both professional and personal. With a strong connotation that sarees imply celebration, what better than a saree to convey the joyousness present in your life?


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