There were 3 patients in February; No cases came for a month, 319 cases came after March 2, 454% increase in last 10 days only.

  • The first case of coronavirus in the country came to Kerala on January 30, followed by 2 more till February 2, but all three were cured.
  • On March 2, 2 new cases of coronavirus occurred in the country, since then by March 21, the number of infected patients has increased to 322.

The first case of coronavirus in the country came to light in Kerala on 30 January. After that on 1 and 2 February, 1-1 patients were found in Kerala. These three patients recovered in no time. After this, not a single case of coronavirus was reported across the country for a whole month. However, from March 2 onwards, the number of cases increased day by day. On 2 March, there were 5 cases of coronavirus (3 Kerala cases, which are now cured). After this, 319 new cases were reported till 21 March. In the last 10 days, between March 11 and March 21, there has been an increase of 454% in corona cases in the country. There were 71 cases on March 11 and by 10 pm on March 21, there were a total of 322 cases. Due to infection, 4 people have lost their lives in the country. So far, Maharashtra has reported the maximum number of cases. It is followed by Kerala (52 cases) and Delhi (26 cases). Most of the people who have been infected with Corona so far have had a travel history, ie these people had recently returned from abroad.

There were 36 new cases in the first week of March, 176 new cases were received in the third week.
New cases of coronavirus in the country started increasing since March 2. Between the first week of March i.e. March 2 to March 8, 36 new cases of coronavirus were reported. Between the second week i.e. March 9 to March 15, 70 new cases were reported. But, between the third week i.e. 16 March to 21 March, 181 new cases have been reported. By 7:30 pm on Saturday, 57 new cases were reported.

Iran has maximum 255 Indian corona infected
According to the reply of Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralitharan in Lok Sabha on 18 March, 276 Indians in 7 countries are infected with coronavirus. Iran has the highest number of 255 Indians infected with coronavirus. Then there is the UAE, where 12 Indians are infected.

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