TimesNext to launch India’s biggest startup community platform, aims to help startups in India

Takeaway: Startups in India are rising more than ever. It’s all possible because of increased concern and awareness among people about it. A few decades back, nobody in India would’ve thought of this much progress in the startup culture as the people were very much not sure about it. Even now, some people are hesitant to launch their startup here because they don’t want to risk it all. 

However, people who crossed all these barriers and made their startup successful are now Bhavish Aggarwal (CEO of OlaCabs), Binny Bansal (CEO of Flipkart), Nithin Kamath (Zerodha), and many more such renowned startup founders.

Spreading awareness among people, publishing startup stories, and helping people understand the importance of startups is the role of startup media agencies. These platforms provide startups with the awareness they require to reach the masses. 

Here comes India’s biggest startup media community – TimesNext. 

TimesNext empowers startups and young entrepreneurs hailing from every corner of our country.

TimesNext – India’s Biggest Startup Community

Startup India 2020, Top 100 New Startups in India & their Success Stories - TimesNext

TimesNext was launched just two years back, and the firm has already been popular among the masses. They publish the latest startup trends in India, like the famous startup news and startup trends.

The platform has the main aim of sharing the nation’s unheard entrepreneurs and helping them reach the masses. As we already know, there are still many startups in our country that are already launched, but they need to be recognized by the people, so the platform makes sure of that.

Not only this, but TimesNext is also providing its readers with information about the latest business and tech-related news, helping them to get a 360-degree view of the whole business and tech-related world. 

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The platform consists of various young and energetic people who work together to write and publish these articles.

India Emerging As Startup Hub

In recent years, India’s ecosystem has taken off and become more self-sufficient – driven by factors such as massive funding, integration activities, sustainable technology, and a growing domestic market. Numbers show – from approx. The start of 3000 in 2014 to speculation is more than approx. 11000 by 2020, this is by no means a passing trend. It’s just a change. And in India, it will change the way the markets operate today. 

Sequoia Capital: Sequoia Surge backs seven Indian startups in the third batch - The Economic Times

Disruptive origins from India

Many startups in India can open up a completely new market either through existing market spaces or product lines. At the same time, there are a variety of successful startups that are growing rapidly and changing how the existing industry operates in a system like Paytm, Redbus, InMobi,, Frequently, AdPushup, to name a few. This listing not only completes but also serves as a challenge to try to penetrate deeper into the world of India’s 4th largest launch program worldwide.

Indian Launch Resources

In India, the startup has started a lot. Power, accelerators, and incubators firms provide startup growth tips and decision-making tools. From advising on government policies to act as market advertisers, they increase the maturity of small businesses. 

Resources such as iSpirt and NASSCOM have included key environmental stakeholders, including startup accelerators, incubators, engagement capitalists, angel investors, support groups, technology companies, and consultants. Simply put, their main purpose is to provide funding and startup support.

India and foreign relations concerning the startups.

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2019 In Review: International Collaborations For India's Startups

As they come out of their predicament, Indian investors and foreign investors are investigating but very informed decision-makers. But fundraising activities are the biggest driving force in any startup environment. The estimated Indian startup is $ 2.3 million compared to the US $ 4.2 million. 43% of product / digital organizations are focused on the global market, and 28 percent continue to be technological centers. With 59 percent B2C, 37 percent B2B, and the first 4 percent B2C / B2B, this natural environment has a lot to use to earn money.

How Is TimesNext Helping Startups In India

TimesNext strives to help the young startups and help the hidden talents and businesses to come out and reach to the masses. They put together new launch stories about inspiring entrepreneurs from different backgrounds across the nation to spread their word and reach more people.

The platform provides you with the latest launch news and news about the startup community’s latest technological advances. It aims to keep its audience up-to-date with an in-depth analysis of economic conditions and financial development in the country.

The TimesNext team produces in-depth and carefully written articles on topics that help Indian business entrepreneurs with the Startup India Scheme – how to apply, eligibility, benefits, etc. That helps increase public awareness of startups in India.

It also aims to create 100% inspiring, informative, and honest content for its audience, inspiring its readers by developing their character through storytelling art. The platform has covered young entrepreneurs’ startup stories as young as 15 and strongly believes that age is just a number at first glance.

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BiggBang coworking spaces in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula have also been launched by TimesNext, helping the budding entrepreneurs and startup owners work togetherly with proper guidance and support of mentors.

Final thoughts

TimesNext is the perfect platform to get all in-depth views of the latest business, technology, and trends of our country. The platform has also featured stories of several unheard and unseen greatest startups of India.

As they mention- they don’t write stories, but they also ignite them. They have indeed proved it right.

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