Top 10 best calling software in India in 2023

What is calling software?

Calling Software is a program that allows you to manage client conversations from many channels and sources. It assists agents in making outgoing calls, answering incoming calls, measuring call metrics, and managing their workforce.

A call centre is a group of employees that manage all telephonic contacts, whereas the Call center is the hub for all client conversations that happen over chats, or social networks. 2 types of calling software are available:

calling software

  • On-premises calling software
  • Cloud-hosted calling software

You will have control over the telephone system with on-premises systems, and you’ll have to spend on hardware, which includes the work and expense of maintaining infrastructure. Another downside of technology is that it limits company scalability. Cloud-hosted overcomes all of these constraints.

There will be no need for cloud-hosted and the pricing will be depending on consumption. There will also be no requirement for installations. It provides data security and availability (anytime, anywhere, any place).

Benefits of calling software

  • Providing service is critical for every company to survive and prosper in today’s competitive environment. When it comes to managing calls to every client’s inquiry might be difficult.Customer Service Phone Etiquette for Small Businesses
  • Customers lack call operators to respond to them swiftly. Call centre software helps firms enhance their offerings. The program enables agents to react to important calls more quickly while also increasing their productivity.
  • Every firm needs a call centre to manage all clients. It’s more than just a device for answering phones and providing exceptional service to clients. The streamlined operation allows you to track, monitor, and control every call involving your customers.
  • When customer service representatives get a large number of calls during the day, they frequently feel overwhelmed, reducing productivity. Many consumers may seek an urgent appointment, which even agents would be unable to accommodate.
  • That is why many businesses have investigated using call centre management to enhance their service operations and provide a better client experience. This solution assists your company in reorganizing day-to-day calls to interact with consumers.
  • A call centre software makes it easier to do the tasks that the firm needs the most. It boosts productivity by assisting your call service employees with a well-scripted narrative and certain functions such as calls, routing, & recording incoming and departing phone calls. With its useful features, this program may reduce the workload of agents and make them more efficient.

Top 10 best calling software in India in 2023

  1. Ring central contact centre: RingCentral Contact Center is available in three price tiers: Basic, Advanced, & Ultimate. You may receive a quotation for each plan’s cost specifics. The RingCentral Contact Center Basic package and ACD functionality. Its Advanced & Ultimate plans include Advanced IVR and ACD features. It is compatible with the Omnichannel contact centre. It includes over 40+ features for management, labor management and optimization, customer, dependability, and security.


o            It includes ACD, IVR, skill-skills-based based route, virtual holding, voicemail routing, Omni – channel routing, outbound calling, outbound campaign management, chatting & co-browse, & social media interactions for intelligent routing.

o            It includes voicemail transcription, pre-built reports, quiet surveillance, barging, omnichannel and other capabilities for reporting.

o            It includes capabilities like speech & sentiment analysis, performance management, coaching and learning tools, video capture, gasification, and more for labor management and optimization.

RingCentral Contact Center includes features access, encryption, and disaster recovery. Includes collaboration, PBX integration, as well as a shared directory.


  1. Dialpad: The platform is accessible for 14 days free of charge. Plans for a business phone system begin at $15 per monthly user. It provides a free limitless video commercial plan for $15 per user/month. The monthly cost of the Sales Dialer begins at $95 per agent. A price for the Help Desk solution is available. All of the costs listed are annually billed.

Dialpad is an online communication tool powered by AI that can take notes and analyze thoughts. You will have a single location to capture calls, mute, hold, and so on. It will move between devices with ease. It is compatible using G Suite, Microsoft 365, & Salesforce.


  • Dialpad supports over 50 countries for local numbers.
  • It includes call routing, interactive call coaching, comprehensive analytics, and the ability to migrate existing numbers.
  • Dialpad has features for identification, cooperation, unlimited calling, and more.
  • It allows for quick and easy deployment.

Dialpad is a simple platform. It may be used on every device. It has strong characteristics. It allows you to monitor voicemails, make calls, & send messages from your mobile device.


  1. 3CX: 3CX FREE is a free call management application that comes with management functions. For optimal savings and scalability, the price for medium and large is computed based on simultaneous calls. Small businesses Venture is available free of cost for up to ten users, or PRO for up to twenty users at a fee.

3CX offers a full-service call centre solution, including variable call queues, IVR, & call reporting. To automate call handling, a simple frictional pressure Call Flow Designer may be employed. Overall, 3CX has proven to be an excellent solution for handling multichannel communications like voice and video conversations, WhatsApp, and corporate SMS. In addition, All 3CX licenses feature 3CX Live Conversation, which may assist consumers in rapidly elevating the conversation to a video or audio call and tackling more difficult issues.


o            All interactions are handled on a single platform, including video and audio calls, live chats, SMS, or WhatsApp.

o            Advanced Queue Strategies: Round Robin and Hunt by 3s are two examples.

o            Remote Work: Agents may reply from anywhere, including the office or WFH.

o            Calls could be monitored for legal & quality assurance objectives.

o            Agent Training: When necessary, listen in, whisper, or barge in.

o,           Call reporting includes built-in reports, service level agreements, and call-back data.

o            Wallboard: real-time queue monitoring.

o            Microsoft 365 Integration: Link your MS365 subscription to 3CX.

o            CRM Integration: Integrate your CRM to centralize all caller info.

O,          Call Flow Designer: handle calls, automate answers, and create a user-friendly interface.


  1. Cloudtalk business phone system: CloudTalk has three options available. Prices vary according to the number of seats & features. There are monthly plans available with a 30% discount. CloudTalk is a commercial phone solution designed for customers and sales. It assists sales teams in closing more transactions by automating the dialing care teams in maintaining high levels of calls with intelligent routing and IVR.

Every CloudTalk package comes with access to desktop (Windows and Mac) & phone applications (iOS and Android). keeping data synchronized by providing native connectors with CRMs, Help desk support, Shopping carts, Zapier, and API.


  • Templated SMS/Text messaging
  • Power dialing with scripts & surveys, Smart dialer, & Click-to-Call are all available.
  • Drag and Drop builder for Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Outbound dialing and inbound call dispersal
  • 50+ CRM integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and others) as well as Helpdesks (Customerservice, Freshdesk, Zoho, and others) and Zapier + API.
  • It includes features like agent scripting, voicemail messages, call conferencing, & toll-free numbers.
  • CloudTalk provides local phone numbers from over 70 countries (toll-free as well).

CloudTalk offers a cloud-based mobile operating system that is extremely easy to deploy & set up, even for non-technologists. It allows you to set up an internet call centre with all the hooks & whistles of the world while keeping a foothold with local phone numbers.

It is GDPR & PCI-compliant, boasts 99.99% uptime, and it calls quality scores. Plans start at $15 per month, making them incredibly affordable for small businesses.


  1. Freshdesk: Free for ten agents Basic plans begin at $15 per user/month, Pro plans begin at $49 per user/month, and Enterprise plans begin at $79 per user/month. A free 21-day trial is available. Freshdesk is a digital-first call centre solution that may improve the customer experience across all communication channels. Freshdesk assists you in automatically routing calls received through your defined channels to the appropriate corporate team member.

With the aid of intelligent IVR & voice bot technologies, your support to your consumers is around the clock. It is easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your call centre based on real-time data.


O,          Make it simple for the team in your business to collaborate.

O,          Use IVR & voice bots to provide 24-hour customer service.

o            KPIs and metrics may be tracked using a customizable omnichannel dashboard.

o            Integration and billing solutions are seamless.

With contact center-essential features, Freshdesk ensures that you give the best customer service to the clock. The platform provides you with the phone and chat tools you need to significantly cut your business’s costs while increasing employee productivity.


  1. Vonagenge: Mobile plans are $19.99 per month, $29.99 per month, and $39.99 per month. Vonage provides a cloud-based contact centre solution that is simple to use with a variety of popular Software applications available to make call centre operations much more efficient. It makes contact centre agents’ work simpler by automatically routing consumers to the correct location.

This not only allows businesses to provide better customer service but also allows contact centre personnel to be more productive. The ability of Vonage’s call centre software to interact with platforms is another plus. Vonage’s user-friendly UI, productivity, KPIs, and personalization tools, are available on platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and others.


  • Call Routing on the Fly
  • Conversation Analyzer
  • Conversation Analyzer

Vonage is a centre software due to its AI-based capabilities, user-friendly UI, and, most importantly, its ability to effortlessly connect with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce as well as Microsoft Dynamics.

  1. 8×8 virtual call centre: For the ContactNow product, 8×8 offers three price options. The Basic package is completely free. The Pro plan costs $50 per person/month, while the Ultimate plan costs $75 per monthly user. 8×8 offers a cloud-based contact centre management system capable of handling both inbound and outbound calls. It offers a Virtual Help Desk with business contact centre functionality.

The ContactNow contact centre is a small company solution. In addition, 8×8 offers business phone systems as well as a system for integrated telephone, meetings, & team messaging.


  • It includes capabilities such as skill-based navigation, IVR, Queued callback, online callback, and Inbound chat, email, and social channels for Omnichannel routing.
  • It delivers historical and real-time information, as well as customer experience and speech analytics.
  • It may be used in conjunction with Native CRM or with third-party integration.
  • Agents have knowledgebase, Expert Connect, & Co-browse capabilities.

8×8 Callcenter is a cloud-based system that includes a variety of features and functionalities such as voice and screen recording & archiving. It includes capabilities such as internal chatting for agents and supervisors as well as quality management.

  1. Live agent: Agents pay $39 per month. There are no additional per-minute rates or hidden surcharges.

LiveAgent is a call centre software that runs in the cloud. The program includes complicated IVR branches, call routing, and limitless call recordings for both outbound & inbound contact centres. LiveAgent provides live chat, ticketing, & reporting functions in addition to call centre software.


  • 99% of the Objectives of providing are supported.
  • Has intelligent call routing, IVR, limitless call recording storage, video call support, and reporting capabilities.
  • It accommodates both incoming and outbound calls.
  • Over 180 help desk features are available, including social media connections, ticketing, live chat, & self-service alternatives.
  • Over Forty third-party apps are integrated.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As part of its help desk software, LiveAgent offers a 100% cloud-based contact center solution. The price-to-value ratio is unrivaled.

  1. Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software: The cost will be determined by the number of seats, use, and features. It offers both monthly and yearly plans. You can request a quotation for price information. Five9 is a contact centre that operates in the cloud. Outbound, Incoming, Common Platform, & Administrative functionalities are included in the Five9 Call Center system. It employs AI to provide a more tailored client experience. It can generate over 100 different sorts of reports.

It offers 24*7*365 customer service by phone, email, and a client portal. Call recording, history monitoring, actual news, cloud APIs, & data import are all available.


  • It is compatible with CRM.
  • It has a prediction dialer, ACD also sent, & IVR with Speech Recognition.
  • It offers a hybrid solution for both inbound call distribution & outbound dialing.
  • It delivers a multichannel solution that allows seamless mobility of employees across social networks, live chat, phone calls, and other channels to create a better experience for your consumers.
  • It includes features like agent script, voice mail, call conference, and toll-free numbers.
  • It contains Predictive dialers, Progressive, and Power.

Five9 offers a completely cloud-based system with all of the functionality of an on-premises system. It uses complex data from mail, chats, as well as other supporting multiple to determine client intent. It offers Local Phone Options, DNC Compliant, Web Callback, and message and speech recognition capabilities.


  1. Talkdesk cloud platform: Talkdesk has two price options: Enterprise (Get a quotation) & Expert (Get a quote). On request, a free demonstration is also available. ACD, IVR, Ring Group, and other intelligent routing tools are available in Talkdesk. Both options include unlimited call recording. It offers powerful voice capabilities as well as a power dialer. It features a sophisticated network architecture. Talkdesk now has an Outbound Dialer.


  • It provides voicemail transcription, and calls monitoring, as quality management functions.
  • It has intelligent routing, which can route calls based on caller information, IVR, CRM information, and so on.
  • Talkdesk may be linked with over 30 different platforms, including Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • Offers real-time dashboard.

A platform built on microservices and the CPaaS basis. This technology will provide you with improved call quality.


Small Talk: Keeping your Customers Engaged

In this work, we analyzed and compared the best call centre software. Its feature provides a completely cloud-based Help Desk Software solution with several features and functionalities e.g. conferencing & Web Callback. Talkdesk employs. It has functions for routing and customizable reporting.

Zendesk Talk has a plethora of tools and functions. Ytel is a user-friendly call centre system. CrazyCall is a work phone system with features of power dealer and outbound call automation.

Free plans are available from 8*8, Zendesk, and Freshcaller.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 


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