Various points to be kept in mind by every student who wants to go abroad

Many students live with so many dreams that they want to fulfill in their student life only. One of those dreams is to study at their desired destination. We all have one favorite city in which we want to study, live, earn, and enjoy. For this purpose, we need to work harder to get our parents to agree on this decision. Many parents do not allow their kids to go away from their homes. But some parents really want their kids to learn the real meaning of being independent and that is why they want them to go abroad to complete their studies. 

For all those lucky students whose parents have allowed them to go abroad for study now have to gear up to prepare for this new life. Moving to a new city is a quite difficult task and it will be a new life for all those students who are moving. They need to start everything from the very basic and hard work and determination is the only key to success in foreign countries. But you need to be concerned about the student housing in London before you move to the city. 

Finding suitable accommodation just as per our budget, choice, the taste was not an easy task until technology became advanced. But now with the help of the various online platforms like Amber Student you can even book your accommodation in advance. It will be easier for you to pay attention to the other important tasks when you reach a new place because the most important task will be done already. You will need to prepare so many things in advance while you decide to go abroad. You must make your decision regarding the country and then a city in which you want to move in. 

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After deciding the cities look for the college or other institution options in that city. There are so many things that you need to do after you make your decision about moving abroad. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Make a list: All your tasks can be systematically performed if you will make a list of all the things in advance. Before doing any task you must make sure that you have made a list of things to do. At the new place, you will definitely feel nervous or anxious when you will new people. But you don’t have to worry as you can prepare for everything well in advance. You must chalk it down all the important things or tasks that you need to perform before moving to your dream destination for study. It will include all from booking tickets to the essentials of your luggage.

  1. Write everything about the tickets. 

  2. Don’t forget to buy health insurance. 

  3. Keep a check on your passport, visa, etc. 

  4. All other important things that you are taking with you. 

  • Luggage packing to be done carefully: There are some prescribed norms that you need to follow when you pack your luggage. You cannot exceed the limit of weight as prescribed by the authorities. So, it is always better to pack accordingly. You need to take so many items and you cannot afford to skip any of it. So, you can also write down the main category of items you need to pack in your luggage. You must make a list that will look like:

  1. Clothes you are taking with you. 

  2. Important documents. 

  3. Your passport size pictures. 

  4. ID cards. 

  5. Other gadgets like earphone, charger, pen drive, disks, etc. 

  6. Kitchenware or homeware which includes crockery, bed sheet, other handy appliances relating to the kitchen. 

  • Booking your housing: This is the most crucial and important step in your whole journey. Many students try to find their accommodation when they reach in the new city. But this is not feasible as where will you live during the period you are searching for your accommodation. So, book your accommodation in advance only. It is better to choose the online mode for this purpose as they also offer many other services for their clients. They can even help you in the whole paperwork process of your accommodation. After deciding your accommodation, now you have to look for a roommate. It is very important to find a roommate if you want shared accommodation. It will help you in reducing your burden financially as the rent can be shared accordingly.

  • Stay in contact and try to find new friends: You cannot live alone as you need to be in some social relationships to enjoy your life there. Alone you will be isolated and but with friends things can be much better. Your friends will act as your family when you stay away from your home. So, try to find some good friends, be with them, enjoy your free time, and stay in touch. You can even make your student like a bit more remembering with your friends. Don’t hesitate to talk with new people as everyone will be new on the first day of college. Try to communicate with other people so that you can get to know them. 

  • Never feel shy to take help: You must avoid feeling shy when you need help. You must communicate with the people around you if you are having any problem. Get assistance from the people so that you don’t feel alone in the new country it may feel awkward at the first instance but afterward, all will be normal. 

  • Don’t forget to rest: Sometimes, we get so busy in our new life that we forget to take care of our self. You must never forget to relax whenever you got time. Do the things that make you happier, be in touch with your parents, talk to them every day, listen to your favorite music, eat food at your favorite restaurant, watch a movie, chill with your friends.

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So, these are the following essential points that you must keep in mind and should follow while you prepare for your foreign journey as a student. 

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