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Vivek Kumar Nagi: A story of success

We see a lot of our youth pursuing graduation in several courses hoping to attain their dream jobs but not even half of them reach that level. The only point in hunting for your dream jobs is when you know for sure that you are determined and that you can go down all the lengths just to fulfill these dreams.

One of the inspirational people that we can count on is Vivek Kumar Nagi, a youngster who started his journey in 2016 and is now serving as one of the best E-commerce experts and is ruling the industry.

Vivek was raised in Ludhiana and he completed his graduation with CSE from Punjab University, Ludhiana. Even in his college days, he was deeply interested to know better about online learning and this interest is one of the reasons why he became a successful E-Commerce and digital marketer. And he is also the co-founder of well growing agency western panda.

He commenced his journey in 2016 and he was just a beginner back then, he toiled and struggled a lot in his starting years in the industry but that is what gained him this experience and his current position.

Not only did he master what he was doing but he never compromised with learning and adapting knowledge and even now his passion for learning more and more has not stopped.

He had faith in himself and in what he was doing, this faith and understanding of himself is a major advantage that pulled him up to that spot. Vivek is the owner of two prosperous E-commerce brands and he even guides other brands in stabilizing what he did.

All his efforts and eagerness to learn more have accomplished Vivek everything that he is, a certified Google and FB ads professional and a certified digital marketer.

Gaining a deeper hand in digital marketing, his company made a record of sales worth 7 million rupees every quarter on his digital-based brand site. Achieving all of this was just a beginning for him and now he will shortly inaugurate his digital marketing agency and another E-commerce brand.

Everyone in this world dreams of living a luxurious life but half of them give up on their dreams and are procrastinating on everything. On the other hand, there are inspirations like Vivek Kunar Nagi who resolve to make something out of their life and through sweat and pain they reach great hills.

One important thing to notice about this undoubtedly successful fellow, Vivek Kumar Nagi is that he is just 23 years of age, imagine being that successful at this age. If he can achieve this much in such a short period then there is nothing that he can not achieve.

Vivek Kumar Nagi’s journey of success should be considered by the youngsters of our country, striving all the time and discovering new leads makes him a motivation. This shows how you can turn the leaves of your fate on your own by just having a strong desire to achieve it and this clearly implies that “If you have started it, take a break but never stop even when you are tired walk it through and you will make it”

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