When Every Country, Incubator, Angel Investor & Venture Capital Firm Is Obsessed With Technology, Indian Government Is More Obsessed With Cow-Dung & Cow-Urine

“Government to put up to 60pc funding in startups dealing with cow dung and urine products”
The government may back startups operating on cattle-based business model, with up to 60 percent of initial funding, the National Cow Commission told the media. It has suggested startups to make commercial use of cow dung and urine, along with other dairy products.
“We will encourage the youth to go for cow-based entrepreneurship and earn not only from products like milk and ghee, but also by-products like urine and dung that can be used for medicinal and agricultural purposes,” Vallabh Kathiria, Chairman of the commission, was quoted in a national daily.
Kathiria has also been in talks with academicians and students regarding strategies that will draw aspiring entrepreneurs towards use of such by-products in startups.
This news might come as surprise and shocking for many readers but yes, this is true, Indian Government to put up to 60pc funding in startups dealing with cow dung and urine products.
Today we see almost more than 10,000+ startups getting registered in our country working on different technology aspects and bring more advancement in the country startup eco-system. There are several startup funding agencies, investors, incubators, venture capital companies floating funds for tech driven startups, Today we are at one side dealing with high-end tech-innovated products like drones, AI based robots, virtual reality, Fintech products, smart watches, smart phones, smart TVs but at the other side, our country and its ruling party members are more into cows, cow-dung and urine.
This is all the effect of education, vision and thoughts and priorities. India planned to go to moon by its chandrayaan 2 but indian government is more obsessed with Go mutra and gobar.
Are we like heading towards the stone-age? What are the priorities of our government? Heading up the research centers in India or opening up the go-shalas to collect cow dung and urine.
There are trending technologies floating in our country now a days like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, healthtech, edtech, fintech, foodtech, agrotech but it seems our government and its ministers are more into gobartech and gomutratech.
man drinking cow urine
There are several MPs of the current ruling government where they seem to be obsessed with the cow, cow-dung and cow-urine. Someone are selling cow-dung cakes, someone is requesting to drink cow-urine, some says, drinking cow-urine cures cancer, some says, waving hands on cow body cures cancers.
Our current government has broken all and any applicable laws of science, technology, medical and healthcare fields.
At this stage our our country’s economy is drowning badly, this is another sign of the sick mentality of the ministers of our government that they are not able to open their doors of their mind and are not able to come out of cow-dung mentality.
Instead of driving our country towards growth, development and technology, we are being driven towards the cow-dung era, Lets hope for the best that tomorrow due to this obsessions, we dont close our IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, NITs, ISRO, DRDO, Universities and other such research, education and health care centers and open cow dung centers there where we will study and research only on Gomutra and gobar.
Disclaimer: This article is written by the Editor of Inventiva magazine based on the news from Times Of India and is a personal opinion article, Inventiva magazine and its parent company has nothing to do with individual opinion expressed in the article and will not take any responsibility of it for what so ever reason.

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