WHO’s chief has stated that Covid-19 pandemic will reach the end line soon

Is one of the severe health crises approaching an end? One of the world’s devastating health crises: covid-19, took a toll on the economy and led to the collapse of the health sector started in China and led to a long-term lockdown in the world.

This December would mark three years of the crisis. The crisis started as an obscure outbreak in China, but within months it locked down the entire world. Most of the families have suffered within the last three years. They have either lost a loved one or gone through devastating financial turmoil.

But, all the circumstances would soon come to an end because, on Wednesday, the World Health Organization’s chief stated that they can see the finish line. They are currently in a winning position against the Covid-19 virus.

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But now is the worst time to stop running. Now is the time that people to run harder and make sure to cross the line to reap the rewards of all the hard work that people have gone through to battle against the notorious strain of the virus.

The statement made by World Health Organization sounds encouraging. As exciting as this sounds now is the time to maintain stringent caution to restrict the infection of the covid-19 virus. This would be the final step to prevent the killer blow, and we can not decrease our pace now.

The last thing that the world needs currently is complacency. In May 2022, around 1 million people lost their lives to covid-19 and around 321 million were infected by the virus.

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The data strongly shows that covid-19 is not clearly over as of now, but the only difference it makes is that the world is currently prepared to deal with the virus. We have vaccines, booster doses, and anything we need in the arsenal to conquer the virus is effortlessly available.

Two challenges in the face of covid-19 virus:

Although people have discovered ways to combat the viruses, two challenges remain constant. First, vaccine equity: the world is two years down the lane. However, we face the same issue. Most Western countries have already implemented double doses of the vaccines, and booster doses.

On a contrary, vaccination continues to be slow in other countries, including Africa. Data shows that only 21 percent of the population has received double doses in Africa. To be more specific, only one out of every five Africans has been vaccinated. And thus, vaccine equity is the topmost priority of the world.

omicron is dominant covid 19 variant in country govt

It is to make sure that everyone in all parts of the globe receives prescribed dosages of vaccines. It will prove to be a key to reopening national economics. The second challenge is to understand the long-term impact of the virus.

Research is conducted every day, and discoveries are brought to light. Recently, a study conducted on the covid-19 virus talks about gender disparity.

One out of every three females is likely to suffer from long covid. In males, it’s recorded to be one in five. It means that women are more prone to the disease compared to men.
Another study shows that long covid is associated with mental health.covid-19

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If a person suffering from any mental illness or depression contracts the covid-19 virus, he would be suffering from long covid. The study was conducted by Harvard. They found that psychological distress could increase the risk of covid by 30 to 46 percent.

People are still learning about the virus. As a result, chances are slim, and it is a long way to defeat the virus. Multiple trials and studies have to be carried out before people are clear about the long-term covid-19. And now is not the time to make a joke about it.

Recently, a Pakistani actor, while visiting the flood-hit regions threw a plastic wrapper containing bread to feed the fish. This, in turn, contradicts her way of saving aquatic life.When the social media users called her out for her ridiculous actions, she mentioned on her handle stating that she had covid twice, and its effects are still prominent. She forgets things, and she does not remember what she did four hours ago.

The response sounds bizarre. The actor is blaming long covid for negligence. She is stating that brain fog is a symptom of long covid.

Brain fog is a symptom of long covid-19 as stated by the doctors. 22 to 34 percent of recovering patients show brain fog. However, people blaming their mistakes on long covid is not the right message that should be given to the world.

As a result, the world needs more medical studies to be conducted so that people know how to identify long covid and how to treat it. This requires the government’s assistance.

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edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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