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Klikk to Launch its New Audio and Tech Products in the...

Wireless products and speakers business in India has more demand in recent times. Listening to music without any distractions and quality sound is all that we need. India stands as the second-largest country for smart wireless and other technology marketing.

Review: The Marshall Worburn II packs modern sound, retro look

Marshall speakers stand out. That’s why I dig them. From the company’s headphones to its speakers, the audio is warm and full just like...

Microsoft Announces Surface Headphones Powered by Cortana

The Microsoft Surface Event 2018 was full of surprises as the company unveiled a slew of new devices at the event held on the...

Skullcandy aims upscale with two new headphones

Skullcandy has always been an odd brand. Aimed at a younger, hipper audience, the headphones always featured wacky graphics and a lower price point....

Vi acquires wireless earbud startup Skybuds

Vi, the New York-based startup behind the eponymous Vi earbuds, today announced that it has acquired Skybuds, a wireless headphones manufacturer, for an undisclosed...