6 Best Content Aggregator Websites You Need to Know

A common challenge which is faced by a lot of digital content marketers is the idea of content aggregation. Working with content aggregators can be a tough job for you, but upon knowing how it challenges you to move forward and even for the basics, it will be fun in the next ride.

So what is it?

Well, the content aggregators are the individual website or sources that will aggregate your content and put it for reuse or resale to the audience. When you are writing material on the internet and supposedly if your content has a lot of traffic to deal with, then it becomes an option for you to make money from it. Content aggregators make sure that you can publish your content there which can be practically used by third parties. But they will pay the price for your content, and the client commission will be charged based on what you are making from it.  

There are two types of content aggregators that work on the web.

  1. One is which will gather the news from various sources and sites on the internet.
  2. Another one who will gather and then distribute the news for the customers. This is also known as the content syndication. This means that the content that you make will be collected and then produced to others or instead syndicated.

One thing which customers love is the idea of having multiple content aggregators. This makes their work easy. Take for example. Suppose you have opened a start-up and you need new content for your site. But you don’t have the budget to get a full-time working writer for you. This is when the content aggregators can help you. The price that you pay will be much lesser than what you have to pay to the hired writer.

Best content aggregators you can find on the web

Here are some of the best content aggregators you can find on the internet.


When it comes to news content aggregation, then Feedly is one of the best content aggregators. It allows you to create a news stream of your own with the latest content which you can gather from the favorite and the famous sites from all around. With the help of this site, you can even subscribe to the large and a wide variety of contents with topics ranging every week. It even works for your RSS Feed Submission.

Google News

One of the most potent content aggregators on the web, Google News, will help with your content aggregation anytime you wish for. This is powered by the sophisticated search technologies which are provided by Google. By default, there are options where the top news can be showed to you which is located to your geographical location.


From aggregating to all the news and the blogs and even the articles, Alltop is the best one out there. There are some of the most popular sites from the content are aggregated like CNN, BBC News, Tech Crunch, etc. There is curated content that you can find here which are displayed according to your interests.

News 360

One of the most popular content aggregators sites for you, News 360 has it all. There are some of the most popular news which is aggregated with the help of this app. You can find the story of the world now on your mobile phone. They are just one click away from you. All you have to do is open the site and viola, and the content will be right there in front of your eyes. 


No, don’t go by the name but Panda is undoubtedly is one of the topmost content aggregators to use for marketers. Quite different from the above ones which are posted onto this list, Panda lets you use the various features that it has present over here. There are some of the content aggregation which works with Panda, which can be useful for the tech readers, the website designers, the graphic designers, etc. The contents which are aggregated to this site are gathered from sources like Behance, Tech Crunch, Wired, etc. and some of the other famous sites as well. 


One of the most popular content aggregators among a lot of people, Techmeme has been having its name for a long time now. This is a news site content aggregator that helps to collect the latest and even the funniest stories which are happening all around the world.

Understanding the impact of content aggregation

It goes without saying that the discovery of content has changed the structure of the internet, and the market has warmed up gradually. Without content, the internet is a world with no meaning. If you don’t find content on a site, then gradually you will shift to somewhere which will generate the right kind of material for you.

Finding the best content aggregators on the internet can be hard, and it entirely depends on the individual’s choice and how they perceive it. But this list mentioned above has the topmost content aggregators from all around which you can use anytime you wish for.

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