Aimi Shibuya: One of Japan’s brightest and most sensational business owners

Aimi Shibuya: One of Japan’s brightest and most sensational business owners

The more we talk about a few individuals making the most of the opportunities and giving it their all to reach a specific position or status in their lives, working each day honestly, the more we feel the need to talk about them. This is because most of these professionals exude a certain different level of brilliance when it comes to their work, and that is something that helps them stand apart from their contemporaries in their respective sectors, just like Aimi Shibuya has been standing tall and distinctive for many entrepreneurial traits like clarity in business goals, authenticity and a genuine intent with each of her businesses.


Talking about her businesses, let’s start with her businesses in Singapore, where she moved to in the year 2016. She always aimed to have a robust career as a business owner, and the first idea she worked upon was opening a medical beauty salon. This unique salon stands on a strong foundation of unconventional services, which includes tooth whitening in Singapore. For this, she first worked at a beauty salon in the country, gained massive experience, created her business plan, and executed on the same starting her own venture.


Beginning her business in 2017 with tooth whitening service at her salon had turned many heads at that time, as the service wasn’t common in Singapore. Her salon has now become a specialty place for tooth whitening, and to make it more widely recognized, Aimi Shibuya, as a business owner, makes sure to approach celebrities and influencers as well to make the business more prominent in the industry. She even opened a Sushi restaurant in Singapore.


What attracted more attention of people toward her was her Omakase Japanese restaurant in Dubai named TakaHisa. With TakaHisa, she has taken significant strides in the world of business. She now looks truly unstoppable as the restaurant offers the best à la carte request, which is made by master chefs like Takashi Namekata and Hisao Ueda, whose names form the name of the restaurant, making TakaHisa ( Opening this restaurant earlier this year, it has already come a long way, becoming one of the most trusted and go-to Omakase Japanese restaurants in Dubai, offering the best Wagyu beef and sushi in the city.


Aimi Shibuya (@helloshibuya_3), who is also an investor in several restaurant businesses, is glad and proud of her businesses that have already attained incredible growth and success and wants to keep giving her best no matter what.

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