André Duqum: Helping people clinch success with his podcasting media agency

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how different industries and sectors of the world could attain massive growth due to several factors, one, of course, is the technological advancements, and two is the relentless drive and passion of a few astute professionals and entrepreneurs. The world of media has grown over the years because of such talented beings who have worked around doing the “different” with the pure intent to bring about a revolution in their industries. André Duqum has been doing exactly that and thus is today known as a sought-after media entrepreneur who runs Meraki Media.


André Duqum confesses how at a very early stage in his career, he developed a passion for storytelling through content creation when he realized the power media can have on people. He goes on to say that videos and photos have the capability to move people, and that can be used by people to create uplifting and impacting messaging. He has a strong calling to contribute to the rise in consciousness happening on the planet and for that has turned his company Meraki Media into a vehicle in uplifting the voices of the rule-breakers, light-workers, and game-changers in society, emphasizing on “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”


Under Meraki Media, he runs his Podcasting Masterclass, a pre-recorded live Masterclass with everything from developing, hosting, and producing a podcast. It is for anyone, who has a podcast or is looking to create one, all those who are in the content creation space and want to better their videos and content quality, and people who wish to learn the back-end logistics, editing, filming, or building the confidence to host. André Duqum says that he created Meraki Media for installing the idea that media is a medicine for the world, and with impactful messaging, a positive change can be brought in the world.


Helping people create high-quality content and reach a larger audience base worldwide, Meraki Media offers services like social media management, influencer growth marketing, and podcasting production. André Duqum has already made his mark in the media space and wants to continue creating greater momentum through his company and impact more through his content and videos on social media.


Connect with him on Instagram @andreduqum to know more.


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