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Top 10 Best Betting Websites in India 2022

Top 10 Best Betting Websites in India 2022

Ever thought of betting websites in India? One must have thought about the legal implications that would include in the betting process. Though gambling laws and processes have been a little confusing in India with time it is becoming legal to enjoy these sites with full safety and enjoyment. Nowadays there are many betting websites available for users with some exciting sports events. The famous betting websites are made 100% safe without the need for software installation.

Betting is the act of gambling on the reason of a race or game. It means the prediction of the outcome result of a game happening during the betting process. It involves a lot of risks because there could lose everything and on other hand, it could be beneficial because one could have a way of gaining a lot more too. In the situation of winning, most of the time you can get more than your stake.

Betting includes a whole lot of action to reach the main outcome. It involves the making of the prediction from the predictor, it includes being getting the first approval that is given from the mediator. After these two things, you need a challenge on which you want to bet. Further, it involves a lot of negotiation with the predictor, the mediator and the challenger. There are some of the betting rules or terms and conditions one needs to follow before placing the bets.

Types of betting

When it is about the act of placing bets, the knowledge could be big because there are many types of bets that place all over the country. From the very common bets type to the complicated ones too. All the different kinds of betting involve different rules and guidelines. The types of betting are as follows:

  • Straight Betting
  • Pre-game Betting
  • In-play Betting
  • Singles Betting
  • Accumulator Betting
  • Spread Betting

Kinds of sports for betting

There are a number of sports that come under this heading because with so many betting sites, the number of games options is also big. The gamblers around the country have the privilege to bet on their desired sports very easily. So either you can bet on the IPL matches or it can also go up to betting on the football leagues. The kinds of sports in betting are as follows:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Kabaddi
  • Tennis

Difference between Betting and Gambling

In the process of placing the bets, one needs to put their stake according to their prediction of the outcome instead in gambling the person relies mostly on the luck percentage. Betting can be done successfully if there is some research done in detail instead gambling is just a pure luck game. For example, one who needs to place bets in a game that includes the horse can make a full detailed research on their history to find which horse has performed the best in the past or which horse has the most negative or positive aspects.


In the process of gambling, that is played in the casinos there is just one table and in this situation, one cannot do research because there is no way of guessing the outcome of the process because gambling includes numbers, dice etc. so when it comes to chances of winning more the chances of guessing are the more with the betting instead with the gambling there is no way that someone needs to predict something. If looked at technically, they can differ on paper but it looked in reality somehow both are the same.

In most parts of India, the laws and rules in the gambling and betting process are different, though it is evolving and it is perceived that now Indian websites provides the popular kinds of sports on which people can bet.

Betting in India has become legal to some level because the betting sites are coming with more security and providing a proper betting experience to all the people. Giving a wider platform and the best kind of advice including the bonus to all the Indian players. Given below are some of the best betting websites in India 2022. The websites are as follows:


Bet365 India Review » ₹4.000 BONUS | Updated 2022

It is one of the popular betting websites available for Indian players. This is the one platform that highly values their existing players and the newcomers too. The newcomers on this site are always made happy with a welcoming bonus. It is one of the most used betting sites in India and the most famous one too. It gives the players a medium to bet on several events and make the betting more interesting and involving.

This site was made in the year 2000 and has been serving many Indian players for years. The Indian rating of this betting site is highly commendable because it holds great reviews for the kind of site it is.

It has some special bonuses to the Indian players, some of them need to have a promo code some doesn’t. The welcoming bonus of this site is a free bet that one can easily claim by just making the first deposit of Rs 400. This betting site is built to make the most of your betting experience along with the best kind of customer feedback too.

2. Pure Win

Pure Win India Casino Review > 5/5 Rating (2022)

This site is excitingly giving a lot of betting options to the Indian players and the latest betting options too. This site is constant in working towards bringing out the reasons to make this site better in the field of sports betting and working on it with constant dedication. It has constant customer support and guidance to the newcomers who visit their website for the first time.

It has options from the experienced ones to the newcomers because it has even the options for those who want to play immediately. This site with the betting section has a section of the live casino games.

This betting site was established in the year 2019. The registration process on this site is very easy and simple. You can just go for the signup option and fill out the following form including all the instructions. One needs to fill in all the personal details like the name, email, location and after completing all the details you can go ahead with the betting experience.

3. Dafabet

Dafabet App Download Casino APK for Android and iOS - EastMojo

Looking for the best platform to bet? Dafabet is the one platform that serves the best kind of betting options with the best kind of security level and comfort. It caters the best kind of experience to the Indian players making its name in the top betting websites in India. This is the site which was established in the year 2004 and is famous for the real attractive kind of bonus and betting options it provides. It is very easy for the users to find this betting site and have impressive kinds of bonuses and high-quality customer support.

Trust and fairness with the site is the topmost priority of the people behind this site. Dafabet has the kind of data sports bet for the operators overall in India. It is considered one of the top betting sites for Indian players for a valid reason. It fulfils the requirements to work easily and hassle-free in India. The betting for this site is easily found on mobile phones.

4. BetWinner

Betwinner Mobile App for Android and iOS – Download & Install Guide (2021)

It is an online platform for betting established in the year 2018 and maintains its reputation with the top betting websites in India. It is ranked in first name in the betting market of India. It is considered unique because of the sites wide options in their payment methods because of being an efficient kind of betting platform. The betting involves a lot of options if a predictor chooses to place bets on this site.

It gives a 24 hours support although sometimes it is a little difficult to find their site because there is a lot of betting going on because of which the site gets cluttered. BetWinner is the one location for all the predictors overall India making a big name in the market.

This site is working hard every day to meet the expectations of the Indian players. They provide plenty of ways to look to the needs of the customers. Sports betting has a special kind of bonus that is used by using the bonus code which is available by the name of “STAR PICK”. They have free beats for their newcomers.

5. ComeOn


It is the one market that has the extreme level of betting market for the predictors because it has lots of options in their depositing and withdrawal processes. This is the one platform that includes the number of bets and makes the players full of interest in the betting process. There is the best kind of support system that is provided to the predictors and they believe in maintaining good coordination between the predictor and the mediator.

It has a complete section especially for the cricket bets that even includes all the aspects of the IPL. People across the country holds great reviews for this site and believes in giving the best level of feedback.

They have many sports betting along with their features to make the betting experience for life. It has a free bet club where free bets are made available to all the newcomers. ComeOn has several rewards and promotions for its existing players and newcomers.

6. Fun88

Fun88 App Download Free for Android (APK) and iOS in India 2022

This site values every customer because every member on their website of the Fun88 is given the happiness to enjoy the rewards programs which are mentioned on their site. Predictors can place their bets hassle-free and they can even earn free bonuses and be upgraded level and gain more rewards. This is the kind of VIP treatment that the Fun88 website gives to all of its users.

All the free bets and the bonus are available or valid for 5 days after the date of issuing it. As the name suggests, Fun88 provides a different experience to their players and have value for their time and money.

It provides the best customer support. It gives the users the benefit of the most efficient kind of payments with the best kind of profitable sportsbook odds. The line value of the Fun88 has the betting experience which every kind of predictor wants. It brings live chat because of which it stands out in the top 10 betting websites in India.


4RABET | How to start earning money from this app right now ? - YouTube

This is one of the easiest and most attractive betting sites for Indian players. It has a great quality sportsbook which consists of most of the sports on which the players can place their bets. It has a full section that works with the betting options of the players. It has a great selection of odds in its sportsbook which is made easily available to most of the players. Special attention is paid to the Indian players.

It presents the ways of placing the live bets along with the live chat customer support given to the players. This is the one platform that serves the best kind of bonuses in India.

Their betting website has a lot of payment options that include UPI, PhonePe and Goggle Pay too. The 4RABET serves the games like live betting in sports, online casinos etc. The players can enjoy the easy bank withdrawal option. This website is highly recommended to most Indian players for the kind of service this site has.

8. Shangri La

Shangri La India » Review & Bonus » Up to Rs.12,000 » 2021

This is an established name on the list of betting websites in India. It provides a bonus to the amount of Rs 21,000 and there is always a percentage of discount given to the existing and newcomers on the site. The site of Shangri La contains the minimum level of odds around the figures of 1.5. It has easy steps to follow to place bets on sports or events.

Their site has a live-betting and players can even go for the life and the pre-match bets. Apart from other betting websites, it has few changes in its website functioning but still, it is favoured by the Indian players.

Shangri La has several banking options including net banking, axis bank and the SBI. In the number of betting sites, it is ranked top with the sites which have the best quality of security for their players and when it comes to betting never disappoint their Indian players.

9. Spin Sports

Spin Sports India: Online Cricket Betting, Bonus Up to ₹20,000

This is one site that counts the maximum winning percentage of 97.15% which makes Spin Sports website one of the major websites ranked in the top 10 betting websites. It has a great networking system that has a high-security level and the connection processes are given full attention. It has 24×7 hours of customer service support to its Indian players. It has a bonus amount of Rs 20,000 to grant to their customers. Apart from this bonus. Their deposit money options are good because they have Visa, Mastercard and skrill.

The site has the pay-out option which has a time of 2 to 3 days. There are already many Indian customers who are their existing customers and they put in their more hard work to gain more and more customers on their site making their platform more and more popular.

Spin sports is the one kind of website that brings forward the newcomers on the boards and try to make them active players on their site. With their amazing options, it attracts more and more people and motivates the Indians to place their best bets on their site.

10. Megapari

Megapari App Download Free for Android (.apk) and iOS 2022

There are people across the country who are claiming their website’s services every day and have relevant customer feedback too. Their bonus amount goes up to Rs 8,000 claiming to have a great win. Megapari just requires the minimum deposit of Rs 75 with the best kind of wagering requirements. The players on their site have their registration of up to 30 days to redeem their particular bonus.

They have their bonus code by the name of SBMEGA. The players cannot enjoy several withdrawals that can be made until the time the bonus can be redeemed. One of the maximum bonuses that are given to the customers is Rs 13000.

One can easily register with the website with the easy steps to follow and can get the exclusive rewards and enjoy the benefit of the website. Many ways are listed at the time of signing up. The bonus price is upgraded to the 5x and their site has the accumulator kinds of bets only and three events are listed in the accumulator bet category.

Is it legal to place bets in India?

Back to the time when India was in its 19th century, there was a happening in the country of the gambling law. From that time there has been little evolution happening in the country because of the arising of the new kind of laws made in terms of regulating the gambling process and their sites from different aspects. After the law was passed there has been many changes brought to the life of gambling and betting acts.

With the rising number of websites, offline and online ways of gambling and placing bets has opened new ways for many people to earn money and has given a way to those people who have a good prediction talent because it has helped to earn money from their talent. With time gambling has been one of the acts which have been so active in the country.

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