Why Yogi Adityanath, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, or any BJP leader Didn’t Visit Hathras, Instead Deployed Police Force So that No One Can Meet The Family?

BJP party met the victim’s party

Whenever serious incidents happened, the leaders of BJP, Modi, Shah, Smriti Irani, state ministers of the BJP party, and Yogi had met with the victim’s family. But in Hathras’ girl rape case, instead of deploying police forces, Why did not one of the BJP leaders visit Hathras to meet the families of the victim?

Why are the media and other outsiders stopped? If the government did nothing wrong, the media should be allowed to visit the Bulgaddhi village of Hathras to expose the facts.

What is the Uttar Pradesh Government trying to hide? Whom does it want to save? Why are Modi, Shah, Yogi, and other BJP leaders remain silent?

Here are the answers to all questions:

As we all know, women in India, especially women in Uttar Pradesh, are not safe. The states have illegal acts. Here’s the real example:

In Uttar Pradesh, a 19-year-old girl was gang-raped by four upper-classmen. She was later strangled and dragged with dupatta by assailants, and then cut her tongue, severely injured her spinal cord, neck, and paralyzed in all 4 limbs and causing her terrible death on Tuesday.

We have seen a video in which the girl who was gang-raped in Hathras said that she was raped by 4 men. She gave her a dying declaration, but the UP police said she was not raped. According to the SC and the law, the dying declaration is the most important evidence. Why is the UP police lying?

Besides this, we know that these days, people who died of other infectious diseases or plague were taken out of the village, and their bodies were cremated without the dignity of proper cremation. This indignity to loved ones was considered as a public health necessity.

But on Wednesday night, when the pictures circulated on news channels and social media, of a sobbing mom in Hathras being denied of her daughter’s body, and followed by pictures of police officers deployed in full force burned the girl’s body with illegal rights. It is an unfair act done by UP police in a lonely field outside the village, which is really unbearable morally and legally.


 BJP member Yogi Adityanath


Without any political support, this is impossible. It seems that the government is trying to save someone or It was pre-planned by UP police to burn the dead body by using kerosene oil at midnight (3:30 am).

The main reason the police cremated her body without the permission of her family was that it did not want to conduct an autopsy again.

The main focus of the government is to save its seats/powers, not to ensure the safety of women. This is why it deployed the police so that the media did not understand the true facts behind the case. Another reason is that the UP government does not want to face the problem as it faced in the Unnao case.

The reason any BJP leaders didn’t visit Hathras because they can’t face Hathras people and media’s questions like Why did you impose Section 144 on Hathras?

Powerful Women Fail to Protect Innocent Girls

You may have one question in your mind: How is it possible in a country that boasts of having so many female politicians at the national and local level but still young ordinary girls feel unsafe on the street? The answer is this is only possible in India because the Government and people don’t support each other.

Besides this, the lawyer Seema tried to meet the victim’s family on Thursday but was stopped by the police. How can the police stop the lawyer from meeting with the victim’s family?

I will not leave Hathras village without meeting the victim’s family. She told reporters that the victim’s family has requested me to stand as their legal counsel, but the UP Police or government is not allowing me to meet them.

Seema Kushwaha is an advocate of the 2012 Delhi rape case victim, Nirbhaya, who will now be involved in the Hathras’ victim rape case.

Here’s the Reality of BJP Leaders:

This is not the first time the UP government doesn’t support the victim’s family. At the time of the Unnao rape case, the sister of the victim of the Unnao rape and murder stated that her family would not bury her sister’s body until Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath visited them and assured them that the defendant was sentenced to death.

At that time, the UP police did nothing. The 66-year-old man said that his family was constantly threatened by the defendant and his accomplices, but even though the police learned of the threats, they did not take any action.

CM Yogi Adityanath, in the Unnao rape case, was under pressure from the opposition to resign due to the Unnao rape case incident, announced a special offer of 2.5 million rupees for her family. He did the same in the Hathras rape case.

It shows that CM Yogi Adityanath only provides money after the incident and cannot ensure the safety of women in UP.

CM Yogi forgets that money cannot return a girl to a family that has lost their daughter.

In the Hathras’ girl rape case, why does CM Yogi not meet Hathras rape victim’s family members instead of conducting a Video Conference with the family?

CM Adityanath met with the family members of 8 police officers who were killed by the Vikas Dubey and his gang.

Chief Minister of UP, Yogi, in the Bikru massacre case, spent almost 30-40 minutes with the victim’s family and assured them of all the government’s help.

Not only that, last year, CM Yogi Adityanath had met triple talaq victims and ensured financial assistance and work, but this time when the situation is so serious, he could not meet the families of the victim in Hathras. Isn’t it Strange?

He repeatedly stated that he would take action against the assailants and the policemen who did not handle the case. But the reality is that no action was taken against the police or the criminals.

On Friday, when the Special Investigation Team (SIT) submitted a statement on the incident and noticed that the police officials were responsible for the mismanagement, in this case, only then Yogi Sarkar suspended Vikrant Vir, Hathras SP, and four other police officers amid outrage over dealing with this matter. But can’t suspend the DM, who ordered the cremation of the Hathras girl in the field against the religious rules?

Why doesn’t CM Yogi take serious action against the main player (DM) in the mismanagement case?

Even Rajvir Diler who is BJP MP said: I asked the Magistrate to perform the final ceremony in the morning, but he did not listen to me. The police also did not notify me that they would be cremated the body at midnight, he said.

It reveals that Yogi sarkar’s own member claims that it is DM’s fault, but the UP government is trying to save DM! Why has no action been taken against DM?

Now come to our PM Modi: 

During Modi 1.0 (2014), when PM Modi won the election, he met with victims and family members affected by the floods in Jammu and Kashmir. At that time he assured that the government would support its citizens. Then why does Prime Minister Modi not support rape victims? Why didn’t he go to Hathras?

Earlier, Modi introduced the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign, a campaign of the Indian government aimed at raising awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services for Indian girls.

Modiji, we would like to ask a question, what is the fun of this campaign when there is no women’s safety in India?

It seems like “Beti Bachao” is not a slogan in India, it’s a Warning!

Now another question is, If you can visit Ayodhya from Lucknow by a special helicopter, why did not you visit Hathras when things are so serious?

There was Lanka Dehan in the Seeta Haran case, and there was Mahabharata in the Draupadi Cheera Haran case. Modi Ji, What will you do in today’s Draupadi case?

Draupadi in our real life is an unmarried, impressionable, young girl who was brutally raped and met a tragic end in the hospital.

If you could do Ram Mandir Nirman, what will you do to save today’s Draupadi? 


In temples, Indians pray to goddesses, but in the domestic realm, Indians mistreat and hurt women. They elect women to influential administrative positions, yet abuse young and modern ladies in the public. Indian women engage in the genocide against female fetuses because the male-dominated society sanctions it. 

Thus, despite the fact that in India, women have considerable political clout, men who commit brutality, savagery, or violence against women get away with the crime. Indian laws against rape are not strict enough. The law against punishment for rape must be changed!



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