Breaking News: Vikas Dubey, a Gangster finally Arrested in Madhya Pradesh Temple!

 Vikas Dubey, Uttar Pradesh gangster, was accused of killing eight policemen last week. Today, he has arrested from a temple in Madhya Pradesh after a nearly week-long chase by the police across three states.

 Vikas Dubey’s most intimate partner, Aman Dubey, was killed yesterday. Today Vikas Dubey arrested in Ujjain at the same time when his two aides were killed in separate encounters in Uttar Pradesh. CCTV footage shows that Vikas Dubey was taken away by six policemen while wearing a mask.

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According to police, Vikas Dubey was found in the Mahakal temple around 8 am. The shop owner recognized him and called the security guards to be alerted when Vikas Dubey was buying prayer offerings to be put into the temple. When he came out of the temple, the guard asked him several questions.

Firstly, he showed a young man’s fake ID. He had several fake ID cards. When further spurred, he hit out at the guards, who dragged him to the police station.

When he was beaten while being taken to the police van, he shouted: “Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala“.

“This is a great victory for the police. Vikas Dubey is a brutal gangster and killer. The whole Madhya Pradesh police team is on alert when he has been arrested from Ujjain Mahakal Temple. Narottam Mishra, Minister of Madhya Pradesh, said we have informed the Uttar Pradesh Police”.

On Friday, when eight police forces went to the Bikru village in the Chobepur district of Kanpur to arrest Vikas Dubey, they were killed by Vikas Dubey gang.

A Gangster Vikas Dubey-accused of murder, kidnapping, extortion, and rioting in 60 criminal cases-was allegedly altered by local police and set up an ambush. When the police arrived at his village, Dubey and his men armed with AK-47 opened fire from the roof.


The notorious gangster escaped after killing policemen. Large-scale hunt was launched, and the bounty on him was increased to 500,000 rupees.

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Yesterday, the police inspector in charge of the local police station near the village of Dubey was arrested for allegedly tipping off the gangster about all police officer raid plan and regularly helping him escape the law.

On Wednesday morning, when Dubey was seen at a hotel in Faridabad near Delhi, the police stepped up searches outside the Uttar Pradesh.

When the gangster escaped just before the police arrived at the hotel, the police team closed in on his men. According to reports, a gang member Prabhat was arrested at the hotel and shot while trying to escape. He was brought back to Kanpur and another man who was arrested along with him in a police car.

Police said that when Prabhat snatched the gun and tried to escape, they were repairing the tires of the car. According to the police, he shot at the police and the policemen retaliated. Senior police officer Prasan Kumar said: “His leg was injured and he died in the hospital.”

This morning in Etawah, about 220 kilometers from the state capital of Lucknow, another Vikas Dubey man, Bauva Dubey aka Praveen, was shot dead.

“Vikas Dubey’s four armed men looted a Swift Dzire at around 3 am. An hour later, when they tried to escape, they were stopped by the police. The police chased them, and an unidentified man was suffered much injured in the crossfire. Akash Tomar, a senior officer, stated that one of the Vikas Dubey aides has declared brought dead at the hospital,”. The man was later identified as Pravin, Dubey’s man.

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 Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, congratulated the Ujjain police on Dubey’s arrest and stated that those who think they can wash away their sins by visiting Mahakal have not understood the Lord.

Chouhan also proclaimed that he had spoken to his Uttar Pradesh counterpart Yogi Adityanath and that Dubey will soon be turned over to the UP Police.

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